April 25, 2024

After following Steve’s Olympic Distance training programs for a year, I was able to shave 18 minutes off my previous time!! Stoked by the results knowing I’ve still got a lot to improve on and am back on the program to have another PB next time around.

Kevin Olympic Training Plan
April 25, 2024

Boston was extremely challenging mostly due to the warm weather, but most importantly I finished and got my Six Star Finisher medal! Absolutely stoked.

Far from a good race by all accounts, but just glad I was able to push through and finish safely when many were in worse shape and some looking like they’d DNF’d. Thanks Steve!

Paul Ngui Marathon
April 15, 2024

I follow my program loosely due to training schedule including club rides runs and swimming lessons.

Although i follow it loosely it still benefits me massively as it makes me accountable, as i can roughly plan my weeks using a combination of the TP calendar, Coach Steves Plan and training with friends, and it prevents me from overtraining looking.

When i follow the coached running sessions on my garmin they are great

Coach Steves correspondence and videos also are a valuable resource

Daniel Legg Marathon
April 15, 2024

I had a great race! Slower than expected on the swim, but it was my first open water swim (training in Alaska in the winter doesn’t provide a lot of opportunities!). Felt good on the bike and did well on the run despite the heat (race was on Kona, so a little different climate!). All in all, had a great time and I’m already thinking about a 70.3. Thanks for the great training program!

Katie Mills Olympic Training Plan
April 11, 2024

After training without any real structure for some time and being put off by the insane cost of local coaches, I found Steve’s programs and thought I’d give it a go. It has hands down been the greatest decision I ever made for my training.

Not only are the programs great from beginner to expert, but Steve has also personally responded to my many emails with additional advice around how I can get the most of of my training to get me to the next level.

Recommend to everyone!

Kevin Olympic Training Plan
March 26, 2024

Just dropping a line to say how pleased I am with all the support videos and explanations that have come with my training plan – I have had several training plans over the last few years and yours is giving me so much information that is really helping me – tech and data leaves me a bit cold and I have never really got to grips with inputting the data in to TP very efficiently – so this has been a revelation.

Penny McMillan Olympic Training Plan
March 25, 2024

I want to thank coach Steven Moody and his team for putting together a great program !! I followed the 10-week beginner program to complete my first Olympic triathlon – which happened yesterday!

I’m so glad I got and followed this structured plan, thanks for the support and for answering my questions!! 🙏🏼😊 I enjoyed the sessions and the videos!
and to everyone training for their event, just follow the plan, get the sessions done & trust the process!

Javiera Paz Olympic Training Plan
March 14, 2024

First PB goal of the year achieved last weekend @ Inverness Half Marathon. Smashed 7 mins off last year’s PB to go just under 1:40 ….tough year ahead with the build but thanks again for the plan, everything headed in the right direction

J Wylie FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
March 11, 2024

Hey Steve, Just to let you know, I used your off-season marathon and cross-training plan for the spring marathon ( I didn’t do much cross-training though) Race went well and got a new PB. Thanks

Dave F Marathon
March 8, 2024

I’ve been following your beginner olympic triathlon plan and have been loving it!

Rachel Zevy Olympic Training Plan