April 25, 2024

Boston was extremely challenging mostly due to the warm weather, but most importantly I finished and got my Six Star Finisher medal! Absolutely stoked.

Far from a good race by all accounts, but just glad I was able to push through and finish safely when many were in worse shape and some looking like they’d DNF’d. Thanks Steve!

Paul Ngui Marathon
April 15, 2024

I follow my program loosely due to training schedule including club rides runs and swimming lessons.

Although i follow it loosely it still benefits me massively as it makes me accountable, as i can roughly plan my weeks using a combination of the TP calendar, Coach Steves Plan and training with friends, and it prevents me from overtraining looking.

When i follow the coached running sessions on my garmin they are great

Coach Steves correspondence and videos also are a valuable resource

Daniel Legg Marathon
March 11, 2024

Hey Steve, Just to let you know, I used your off-season marathon and cross-training plan for the spring marathon ( I didn’t do much cross-training though) Race went well and got a new PB. Thanks

Dave F Marathon
February 29, 2024

I love your plans!

James Fussey Marathon
February 18, 2024

Thank you Coach, Seville Marathon was a good race for me and came from 3:52 to 3:39.
PB !!!

João Jorge Marathon
November 16, 2023

I am currently about halfway through your marathon off-season plan, trying to slowly build up my mileage after a rocky year of injury from running, ahead of a marathon block leading into a full distance full-distance block. The plan is going great and I am enjoying the variety and gaining fitness at a good rate without having to push too much in the off-season which is nice

Callum Buchanan Marathon
November 8, 2023

I recently completed the 14 week marathon plan for triathletes and ran a PB 4:27 in Indianapolis


Alberto Rios Marathon
October 31, 2023

Just want to give a big thanks to Steve. Completed the Dublin marathon at the weekend with a 4 minute pb that I’ve been trying to beat for the last 4 years. Followed his 4 month marathon focused triathlon plan. Trust the plan and the results will come.

Collie O’Neill Marathon
October 31, 2023

Used the “Marathon Intermediate 12 week plan – 40 – 70 km per week” and it brought me from a 4hr16 marathon to a 3hr25 marathon. Great plan and easy to follow. Volume is sufficient and not too much and therefore I managed to stay injury free.

David Marathon
October 29, 2023

I completed the Dublin Marathon based off your training plan from June.
My first marathon ( done a couple of halves before) and first time trying running in HR zones rather than just run as fast as you can.
Delighted with my result. Thanks

David Furlong Marathon
October 15, 2023

Great training plan & amazing guidance from steve. Happy customer!

Joe Marathon
October 9, 2023

From the first session with your marathon plan, I was absolutely hooked! The way your programming synced to my watch and the explanations of each session really engaged me in my training.
Initially, my goal was simply to finish the marathon. But I had a secret goal towards the end of running it in under 4 hours… I finished my marathon yesterday in 3:57 and I could not be happier. I did it!!!!
Thank you for the training program and I enjoyed being part of the Facebook group.

Lauren Nash Marathon