September 21, 2023

Finished my first 70.3 this weekend – a great swim, fast bike and good enough run put me just sub-6! thanks to the training plan for getting me there. @ niagara falls barrelman

Tori Hisko 70.3 Training Plan
September 17, 2023

This program was awesome. After many seasons riddled with injury I learned how to run based on my heart rate and to be ok with running slower while training.

I had to opt out of a 70.3 due to a back strain and started this plan as redemption. I stayed healthy throughout the plan and even came in 10 min under my goal time. The mixture of swim, bike, run also took wear and tear off of my legs.

Thank you for helping me complete my first marathon in 12 years.

Kevin Stewart Marathon
September 17, 2023

Great program – easy to follow with links for drill demonstrations. Of course the programming isn’t easy….but if you are training for a long distance it probably shouldn’t be 😉

Thomas Rudkin Ironman Training Plan
September 16, 2023

IRONMAN Wisconsin was a very good day.

Might have broken 12 hours had I not cramped, but honestly I don’t know that I care. It was an amazing experience!

Thanks for all of the coaching this past year! It means a lot to me

Kevin Tyler Ironman Training Plan
September 15, 2023

Coach Steve’s IRONMAN training plan was very practical and worked well for me.

Coach Steve’s plan looks very simple at first, but after a few weeks of execution, I found out that it worked for me, my muscle endurance continued to increase, I felt happy and accomplished,

Colacat Chen Ironman Training Plan
September 14, 2023

For that B race we targeted, I came in 2nd overall and won my age group by a wide margin. It was great to get some experience with that length of event, to practice my transitions, and to get more confidence going into my A race (Olympic) in two weeks. As you suggested, I didn’t taper at all and was able to continue with the plan by the next morning. Strong testament I think to your plan. My body feels good. Thanks again.

Adam Keatts Olympic Training Plan
September 8, 2023

Was delighted with the training plan so wanted to drop you a reply when your email came out! I took up triathlon after 8 years out of it so this really was couch to 70.3!!

My A race for the year the 70.3 in Youghal and for the most part was very happy with how it went. Completed it in 5 hours 25 mins which was inside my target time of 5:30 !!!

Thanks again for all the support through your plan over the last 30 weeks or so!

Cian Brassil 70.3 Training Plan
August 31, 2023

I thought I would share my feedback.

The plan was great, the level of detail was perfect and all the additional info is a big help.

I appreciate the help, I’m looking at what one next abroad and I’ll be back for more. The plan gave me confidence so I’ll let you know once I book.

Anthony Corbett Ironman Training Plan
August 29, 2023

Plan was comprehensive and ensured that I had the strength and endurance on race day to set a personal best. Thanks Steve!

Mike Semon Sprint Training Plan
August 27, 2023

I did Dublin City triathlon yesterday, standard distance, first one since 2015….I was happy with how it went. 1st in age group, even though there was only 3 of us😀
I liked the training plan and I loved all the heart rate training and could definitely see improvements.

Louise Mc Girl Olympic Training Plan
August 24, 2023

I went from zero triathlon experience to completing a sub 6 hour 70.3 Iron man following the BEGINNER 70.3 30 week plan. I found the base weeks great and then could see my performance really start improving in the build weeks. Easy to follow and adequate rest

David Coleman 70.3 Training Plan
August 21, 2023

Awesome beginner Ironman plan from Steve with great email support where needed. Helped take me to my first Ironman in 12.44. I found the plan helped me balance training with family…aswell as possible with this kind of thing anyway! Onto the next one, cheers steve

Jon Wylie Ironman Training Plan