December 1, 2022

Really enjoying the plan so far so looking forward to next phases

Brendan Lloyd 70.3 Base Training Plan
November 27, 2022

I used a combination Coach Steve's Beginner 22 week and 46-week plan in my attempt at the first full distance triathlon. I followed the plan 90% of the time and made sure those long ones on the weekend were completed. I took the recovery weeks in the plan seriously. Even if i felt great, i avoided the temptation to go out for a short run or bike. On race day, I am happy to report, i completed the race with a lot of energy to spare. Thank you Coach Steve!

hemanth Ironman Training Plan
November 22, 2022

I used one of Steve's 2 month marathon training plans following IM Cork 70.3. The plan also included bike and swim. At no point did I feel like I was overtraining or being pushed over my limit. Steve was quick to respond to any questions I had. Highly recommended.

Colin O’Neill Marathon
November 22, 2022

I am liking the strength training program for triathletes. I purchased it last week and it’s been a lot of fun

Abby Live Strength Plan
November 20, 2022

I’ve found the marathon plan really effective so looking forward to getting started on your IM plan in a few weeks.

John James Hallissey Marathon
November 19, 2022

Couldn't be happier with my IRONMAN training plan. Very easy to follow from a beginner's point of view

Roy McLoughlin Ironman Training Plan
November 17, 2022

I used the beginner Olympic training plan for my first ever triathlon.Coach Steve's guides, YouTube videos, and carefully mapped out training plan, which flexed with my own HR/training zones through the Training Peaks app, made it clear what my goals around every event should be. I felt his training plan was foundational to my success – I exceeded my goal time and had a blast doing it. I will come back to him for any future training plans!

Kyle Duff Olympic Training Plan
November 2, 2022

Thank so much for a brilliant training program. Absolutely spot on as always. Another PB to add the collection over the last three months. Delighted!!

Ian Allen Marathon
October 27, 2022

. Great plan by the way and already loving the ability to swap days around for family/work etc

Jon Wylie Ironman Training Plan
October 25, 2022

I used your 40 week Beginner Ironman Program as part of my training for Ironman California because it fitted my personal time and commitment goals..

I met every one of my goals. My goals were to finish, to enjoy the experience, and to come out of it injury free. I finished in 15 hours and 3 minutes…exactly where I wanted to be.

Ironman was a bucket list item for me, and you helped me check that box! If I need another program for any of my other goals, I will be coming back to you!

Thank you again,

Troy Craig

Troy Craig Ironman Training Plan
October 24, 2022

Yesterday I raced in the Nepean Triathlon in Sydney. This race is Australia's oldest triathlon, celebrating its 40th anniversary.

I had a good race, coming 3rd in AG with a course PB!

Helen Kennedy Olympic Training Plan
October 15, 2022

51 mins faster than last year!! Going for a beer after a lie down.. Thanks Coach Steve

Barry MacQuaile PB Hit Squad