June 8, 2024

I never would have guessed I would have placed, let alone come in first in my age group! 50-59 is a tough group of men, all trying to capture our youth 😂. Thanks @sm_endurance_solutions for the coaching plan

Kenny B Sprint Training Plan
May 6, 2024

Thanks so much for the plan, it’s fantastic and while challenging, I’ve run faster than I have in about 15 years and feel primed to at least take some AG podiums this season.

Rob Ludwig Sprint Training Plan
January 7, 2024

I just finished my Sprint plan and had my race today. I finished 10 minutes earlier than I had estimated!

Thank you for the help so far and future assistance!!

Nate Karabensh Sprint Training Plan
December 30, 2023

Loved this plan. Completed the sprint in the middle of the pack instead of back of the pack which I had done previously. Life changing having these goals in many ways. Steve is a dude and I can see myself doing a lot more of his plans. 🙏🙂

Patrick Sprint Training Plan
August 29, 2023

Plan was comprehensive and ensured that I had the strength and endurance on race day to set a personal best. Thanks Steve!

Mike Semon Sprint Training Plan
August 14, 2023

I loved this program. It fit really well with my non-triathlon life and I really noticed an improvement in my fitness. The workouts were well structured and included a suitable amount of recovery time.

CM Levick Sprint Training Plan
August 7, 2023

This plan was perfect for what I needed to train for USAT sprint Nationals. I felt fully prepared to race well, which helped me not be nervous. Not a PR only because this course had more climbing then what I normally do for a sprint but overall I hit most of my goals, had fun, and looking forward to the next one using the same plan. Thank you so so much.

Lindsey Courson Sprint Training Plan
July 18, 2023

I just completed my first sprint Aquabike in Skerries, Dublin at the weekend

Thanks to your plan and support, I feel great, I’ve got the fitness bug again, and regularly empty my bank account (for I definitely need…) in pursuit of what is now a firm love of Aquabike training. I can’t believe I’ve trained 6-8 times a week for 20 weeks without injury: I’ve tried nearly everything and always get injured.

Thanks a million for your superb plans, work and support! On to the next one!

Robert O’Farrell Sprint Training Plan
June 27, 2023

Coach Steve,

I cut ten minutes off my time. Your plan [Beginner 8 week Sprint HR based] was great and I’m looking forward to using it again.

Mike Semon Sprint Training Plan
September 6, 2022

Had a great time at my Guelph Lake Sprint, it was helped that the odd distances off 750/30/7 really suits my strengths and weaknesses 😉 Was able to snag my first AG win! Looking forward to my A race coming up though!

Bryce Hudson (AG winner) Sprint Training Plan
January 16, 2022

Just wanted to drop a note to say really i’ve enjoyed the first 2 weeks. Great program that really suits me. Just need to start understanding the numbers during the first recovery week and see the improvements.

Ben Keevash Sprint Training Plan