December 31, 2023

I never thought I would have done the FULL DISTANCE. The full distance plan made it easy. Steve is very experienced and knowledgeable, and can help anyone work through any hurdles as they train.

Kevin FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
October 27, 2023

When you finish your first FULL DISTANCE running and energized like this, I call it a success! I reached out to Coach 5 months ago asking whether I can pull it off after a 10 month hiatus from training and very little time available. Guess what, he had already a plan for this! It was deeply meaningful to me to finish an IM and a great feeling to do it not only with no pain whatsoever, but.
Thanks Coach Steve for all the support over the last two years, from my first sprint to this!

George P FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
October 25, 2023

I found Steve’s training plan originally on training peaks, and have used these training plans to get me to FULL DISTANCE UK and FULL DISTANCE Portugal this year, Steve advice, experience and guidance enable me to finish FULL DISTANCE Portugal in a time that I could originally only dream of. Steve webinars on YouTube and really helped prepare for the races, preparing me for what to expect on race day, the training plan was easy to follow and gave me accountability ensuring I was ready for race day. Thank you

Richard Gash FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
October 23, 2023

Coach Steve!!! Trust the training you said!!!! I really did do the work.. and it showed

Am absolutely thrilled!!! I’m going to Nice!!!!!

Valerie Collins FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
October 12, 2023

Thank you Coach Steve

I followed your training plan for a full full-distance last year. It helped me get 20 minutes of my previous PR.!!

Eduard de Groot FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
September 22, 2023

Thought I would drop you a quick message to thank you for your useful info/assistance. Last Saturday at the age of 66 I completed the full distance in 14hrs 45. I was first in my age group out the swim!

I definitely will recommend you to others.

Stewart Maxwell FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
September 17, 2023

Great program – easy to follow with links for drill demonstrations. Of course the programming isn’t easy….but if you are training for a long distance it probably shouldn’t be 😉

Thomas Rudkin FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
September 16, 2023

FULL DISTANCE Wisconsin was a very good day.

Might have broken 12 hours had I not cramped, but honestly I don’t know that I care. It was an amazing experience!

Thanks for all of the coaching this past year! It means a lot to me

Kevin Tyler FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
September 15, 2023

Coach Steve’s FULL DISTANCE training plan was very practical and worked well for me.

Coach Steve’s plan looks very simple at first, but after a few weeks of execution, I found out that it worked for me, my muscle endurance continued to increase, I felt happy and accomplished,

Colacat Chen FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
August 31, 2023

I thought I would share my feedback.

The plan was great, the level of detail was perfect and all the additional info is a big help.

I appreciate the help, I’m looking at what one next abroad and I’ll be back for more. The plan gave me confidence so I’ll let you know once I book.

Anthony Corbett FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
August 21, 2023

Awesome beginner FULL DISTANCE plan from Steve with great email support where needed. Helped take me to my first FULL DISTANCE in 12.44. I found the plan helped me balance training with family…aswell as possible with this kind of thing anyway! Onto the next one, cheers steve

Jon Wylie FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
August 17, 2023

I completed the full-distance last Sunday, August 13. My time was 14:18.16.

Thank you for helping me accomplish this goal of mine. Also, through training for this, I learned how much I love cycling and I hope to participate in some cycling races in the near future.

P.S. I really enjoy your youtube videos

Lawrence Vanderwal FULL DISTANCE Training Plan