October 4, 2023

Your plan really assisted me in my training. I especially enjoyed the fact that the workouts loaded to my Garmin watch and then told me what Zone to be in. The drag-and-drop calendar was great helping to move sessions around.

My fitness improved dramatically, and I lost 26lbs in weight which was an achievement in itself!

I feel a bit cheated (with cancelled swim) as I cant really say I have done a HALF DISTANCE but enjoyed the training and would definitely recommend

R. Judge HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
October 4, 2023

I worked with Steve to train for my first full-distance FULL DISTANCE. I got tailored specific feedback on every session, which helped me ramp up my training volume, avoid injury and build fitness. I went into the race feeling confident about my plan, all three disciplines and the race itself. Steve’s coaching took the guesswork and stress of out competing in an FULL DISTANCE, and I plan to work with him again. Highly recommended!

Bryan Collins 1-2-1 Coaching
October 4, 2023

Hey Coach Steve – I just completed 2 Olympic triathlons using your 16-week Intermediate plan and they went great.

Thanks very much!

Chris Highland Olympic Training Plan
October 3, 2023

I completed my A race this weekend (Olympic). Podium for my age group and 24th overall in field of 350 with strong elite athlete participation.

More than the result though, I was really pleased with how my body responded compared to my first Olympic race. I felt great afterwards – even went to an all day music festival the next day! I honestly see this as a testament to your training plan and would like to continue with your training plans.

Adam Keatts Olympic Training Plan
September 23, 2023

Honestly I couldn’t recommend these plans enough this is my second plan and I’ve loved it again. Plus my emails are always answered within 10 minutes of sending !

James Fussey HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
September 22, 2023

Thought I would drop you a quick message to thank you for your useful info/assistance. Last Saturday at the age of 66 I completed the full distance in 14hrs 45. I was first in my age group out the swim!

I definitely will recommend you to others.

Stewart Maxwell FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
September 17, 2023

This program was awesome. After many seasons riddled with injury I learned how to run based on my heart rate and to be ok with running slower while training.

I had to opt out of a HALF DISTANCE due to a back strain and started this plan as redemption. I stayed healthy throughout the plan and even came in 10 min under my goal time. The mixture of swim, bike, run also took wear and tear off of my legs.

Thank you for helping me complete my first marathon in 12 years.

Kevin Stewart Marathon
September 17, 2023

Great program – easy to follow with links for drill demonstrations. Of course the programming isn’t easy….but if you are training for a long distance it probably shouldn’t be 😉

Thomas Rudkin FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
September 16, 2023

FULL DISTANCE Wisconsin was a very good day.

Might have broken 12 hours had I not cramped, but honestly I don’t know that I care. It was an amazing experience!

Thanks for all of the coaching this past year! It means a lot to me

Kevin Tyler FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
September 15, 2023

Coach Steve’s FULL DISTANCE training plan was very practical and worked well for me.

Coach Steve’s plan looks very simple at first, but after a few weeks of execution, I found out that it worked for me, my muscle endurance continued to increase, I felt happy and accomplished,

Colacat Chen FULL DISTANCE Training Plan
September 14, 2023

For that B race we targeted, I came in 2nd overall and won my age group by a wide margin. It was great to get some experience with that length of event, to practice my transitions, and to get more confidence going into my A race (Olympic) in two weeks. As you suggested, I didn’t taper at all and was able to continue with the plan by the next morning. Strong testament I think to your plan. My body feels good. Thanks again.

Adam Keatts Olympic Training Plan
September 9, 2023

With all kind wishes and support of crossed another milestone on 8th Oct 23. Completed my first FULL DISTANCE Goa HALF DISTANCE in 7:14:23 hrs. The weather was so brutal that out of 787 starters, only 517 crossed the finish line i.e. 34% DNF. Thanks a lot, Steven sir, on the hardest climb on the bike and 36’c run your words were in my mind – Believe your Training. Next target FULL DISTANCE Kazak.

Ravi Arora HALF DISTANCE Training Plan