July 14, 2024

Just finished racing Muncie 70.3 yesterday, and prepped using your 20 week training plan – thanks!
Your plan kept me much more motivated than my 2023 Sandusky 70.3 self-made plan, and this year I logged many more hours than 2023.
Thanks again for the plan and all the extra content you put out to help athletes prepare!

Chris Dieter HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
July 4, 2024

I completed Bolton 70.3 last weekend!!!!

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the training plan, without question this made it possible for me to meet my goal

Managed to get under the 6 hours comfortably which is a testament to how good the training program was. I only really started to suffer on the last 5km of the run.

So, thanks for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Stuart Annesley HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
June 20, 2024

My partner (Claude Adams) and I completed solo Ironman Cairns (Australia)70.3 last Sunday.
A big Thank you to Coach Steven Moody for the Training plan that got us over the line!
It was a great experience and a wonderful challenge for us 65 year olds!

Debra Mullins HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
June 19, 2024

Coach Steve and the team at Smart Endurance Solutions have put together an amazing training plan which I have used twice now and managed to beat my first time finishing the Cairns 70.3 under 6.5 hrs this year. The social media group and the YouTube videos are an invaluable resource of tips and tricks and I look forward to continuing to train and improve.

Bayden Docking HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
June 17, 2024

Thanks again for the great plan… I got in under 7hrs so I was happy with that!

Claude Adams HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
June 5, 2024

Have used Coach Steve’s training course twice now and it’s been amazing! Easy to follow and really prepared me for both an Olympic distance and my first half Ironman. I’m using his program again this summer for another half Ironman. I’m not the fastest racer but my times have improved and most important for me, no injuries and I was able to complete the half ironman with energy to spare.

Christopher Highland HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
May 9, 2024

Lots of grim cold winter training paid off with a pb in the swim bike and run with an overall pb of 25 minutes.

Big shout out to Coach Steve for yet another great pb making training plan.

Colin O’N HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
May 8, 2024

I did my race last Saturday, I would call your plan a super smashing success!

I don’t remember going that fast for that long, and climbing over 3000 feet.

I tell anybody who will listen to check out Steve Moody.

Thanks so much, Steve. I’ll be in touch

William Kay Blackwell.

William Kay Blackwell HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
May 7, 2024

Absolutely delighted to shave another 22 minutes off my pb for the 70.3 distance albeit a much faster course than Cork.

A proud SMartEnduranceSolutions alumni as still reaping the benefits and such a great community to be part of – thanks again Coach Steve

Mikey Lynch HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
May 7, 2024

Coach Steve’s plan was perfect for me – not only did it help me ease back into training after an injury – it helped me hit a new PB four years after my last!

So now am plotting my next race with more confidence than I have had for years – thanks CS

Simon Montgomery HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
February 22, 2024

Thanks for the awesome plan! I’ve been working hard for my Ironman 70.3 and can’t wait to crush it. I definitely feel like the program is benefitting me.

Justin Lee HALF DISTANCE Training Plan