September 14, 2023

For that B race we targeted, I came in 2nd overall and won my age group by a wide margin. It was great to get some experience with that length of event, to practice my transitions, and to get more confidence going into my A race (Olympic) in two weeks. As you suggested, I didn’t taper at all and was able to continue with the plan by the next morning. Strong testament I think to your plan. My body feels good. Thanks again.

Adam Keatts Olympic Training Plan
August 27, 2023

I did Dublin City triathlon yesterday, standard distance, first one since 2015….I was happy with how it went. 1st in age group, even though there was only 3 of us😀
I liked the training plan and I loved all the heart rate training and could definitely see improvements.

Louise Mc Girl Olympic Training Plan
August 12, 2023

I did your Olympic 8 week training plan before (which was 8 weeks after my first marathon) and loved it! That is why I bought a second one 🤗

Leonie Smeenk Olympic Training Plan
July 20, 2023

My training for the Peach Classic Olympic distrance tri went very well. I felt so prepared and fit coming into my race thanks to following your training plan. I have never felt so ready and confident for a race. I ended up winning second in my age group, and as it was a provincial championship race, I got a podium moment, a medal, and a prize bottle of wine. I will definitely try another training plan next year!

I hope you have an amazing summer and thanks again for your great program!

Marlee St. Pierre Olympic Training Plan
July 19, 2023

I’ve used Steve’s plans for a few races and find the great. Very well structured and easy to follow. Great for days when you have little motivation and just want to be told what training to do.

Fergus Meneghan Olympic Training Plan
July 5, 2023

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought my first training plan. I didn’t even really believe Coach Steve would actually email me promptly and answer my concerns. But, I needed a plan and his fit me. Not only did his plan lead to me finishing 21 minutes under goal time, but he always was there to answer any question I had. I was so thrilled with his plan that I have purchased one of his 70.3 plans and have great confidence it will again lead me to success.

Michael Maher Olympic Training Plan
July 4, 2023

Great plan, found it much easier to stick to than some others i’ve tried. Coach Steve explains things very well with excellent support.

Sean O’Toole Olympic Training Plan
June 25, 2023

Thanks for a great plan I finished in 2:23h 38 – 59 – 41 min. The heat was a bit hard at the end of the run and have to improve my swimming but learned already a lot from your plan

Christopher Kraemer Olympic Training Plan
June 15, 2023

Coach Steve,

I loved your plan [BEGINNER Olympic 14 week plan, Coach email access, reusable, HR based] and completed my Olympic tri 21 minutes under goal.

Thank you,


Michael Maher Olympic Training Plan
June 13, 2023

I have been taking your Olympic program and it is going really well. I’ve seen so much improvement!

Brooke Martin Olympic Training Plan
June 6, 2023

I purchased your plan “INTERMEDIATE Olympic 20 week plan, Coach email access, reusable, POWER (Bike) + HR (Run) base 20 Weeks” on Training Peaks. Many thanks to you as it worked very well so far and I was able to get faster in almost each discipline!

Keep up the good work.

Christian Klos Olympic Training Plan
June 1, 2023

Awesome plan with structured workouts I was able to follow on Zwift. Finished 25 minutes faster than my previous Olympic event and feeling even better. I already purchased the 70.3 plan form Coach Steve. I will definitely recommend Coach Steve training plans for all distances and athletes level.

Fidencio Tamez Olympic Training Plan