April 11, 2024

After training without any real structure for some time and being put off by the insane cost of local coaches, I found Steve’s programs and thought I’d give it a go. It has hands down been the greatest decision I ever made for my training.

Not only are the programs great from beginner to expert, but Steve has also personally responded to my many emails with additional advice around how I can get the most of of my training to get me to the next level.

Recommend to everyone!

Kevin Olympic Training Plan
March 26, 2024

Just dropping a line to say how pleased I am with all the support videos and explanations that have come with my training plan – I have had several training plans over the last few years and yours is giving me so much information that is really helping me – tech and data leaves me a bit cold and I have never really got to grips with inputting the data in to TP very efficiently – so this has been a revelation.

Penny McMillan Olympic Training Plan
March 25, 2024

I want to thank coach Steven Moody and his team for putting together a great program !! I followed the 10-week beginner program to complete my first Olympic triathlon – which happened yesterday!

I’m so glad I got and followed this structured plan, thanks for the support and for answering my questions!! 🙏🏼😊 I enjoyed the sessions and the videos!
and to everyone training for their event, just follow the plan, get the sessions done & trust the process!

Javiera Paz Olympic Training Plan
January 24, 2024

Happy to report an age group third in my race. Would also have got third in the age group below me so taking good things from that and thank you for your help and plan.

Sarah Tregoing Olympic Training Plan
October 18, 2023

I Found Steves Intermediate Olympic training plan a gamechanger. The blended layout of lower and higher intensity workouts was perfect! His online support was also great, helping me out a few times. I will be using Steve again in 2024 for an FULL DISTANCE HALF DISTANCE plan.

Keep up the great work.


Tony Corcoran Olympic Training Plan
October 4, 2023

Hey Coach Steve – I just completed 2 Olympic triathlons using your 16-week Intermediate plan and they went great.

Thanks very much!

Chris Highland Olympic Training Plan
October 3, 2023

I completed my A race this weekend (Olympic). Podium for my age group and 24th overall in field of 350 with strong elite athlete participation.

More than the result though, I was really pleased with how my body responded compared to my first Olympic race. I felt great afterwards – even went to an all day music festival the next day! I honestly see this as a testament to your training plan and would like to continue with your training plans.

Adam Keatts Olympic Training Plan
September 14, 2023

For that B race we targeted, I came in 2nd overall and won my age group by a wide margin. It was great to get some experience with that length of event, to practice my transitions, and to get more confidence going into my A race (Olympic) in two weeks. As you suggested, I didn’t taper at all and was able to continue with the plan by the next morning. Strong testament I think to your plan. My body feels good. Thanks again.

Adam Keatts Olympic Training Plan
September 8, 2023

Not only did I podium my age group and PB’d, I felt great throughout training, and after the race. Felt good enough to go out after the race with my family and went to an all day music festival the next day. The way coach Steve’s plan manages intensity enabled me to stay injury free and still get in the best shape of my life at age 46. Only time I felt any tweak in my legs was a two day period when I stupidly deviated from the plan. Stick to the plan, it works!

Adam Keatts Olympic Training Plan
August 27, 2023

I did Dublin City triathlon yesterday, standard distance, first one since 2015….I was happy with how it went. 1st in age group, even though there was only 3 of us😀
I liked the training plan and I loved all the heart rate training and could definitely see improvements.

Louise Mc Girl Olympic Training Plan
August 12, 2023

I did your Olympic 8 week training plan before (which was 8 weeks after my first marathon) and loved it! That is why I bought a second one 🤗

Leonie Smeenk Olympic Training Plan
July 20, 2023

My training for the Peach Classic Olympic distrance tri went very well. I felt so prepared and fit coming into my race thanks to following your training plan. I have never felt so ready and confident for a race. I ended up winning second in my age group, and as it was a provincial championship race, I got a podium moment, a medal, and a prize bottle of wine. I will definitely try another training plan next year!

I hope you have an amazing summer and thanks again for your great program!

Marlee St. Pierre Olympic Training Plan