How to translate FTP based sessions into HR zones

Open up the relevant session in TP

Once in the builder – use the drop down menu to change Units from % Functional Threshold Power to % Threshold Heart Rate

Once switched to % Threshold Heart Rate you will need to change the % of the different sections to map to the correct HR zones

As the sessions were originally written in % FTP – this will still be present and need to be changed

In the above example – you will need to change the values from

55% change to 80%

70% change to 85%

For other sessions this table will help you map the required changes to %

 Required FTP %Required LTHR %
Zone 1Less than 55% of FTPwLess than 81% of LTHR
Zone 255% to 74% of FTPw81% to 89% of LTHR
Zone 375% to 89% of FTPw90% to 93% of LTHR
Zone 490% to 104% of FTPw94% to 99% of LTHR
Zone 5 (FTP) Zone 5a (LTHR)90% to 104% of FTPw100% to 102% of LTHR
Zone 6 (FTP) Zone 5b (LTHR)More than 120% of FTPwMore than 106% of LTHR
Zone 5c More than 106% of LTHR