2016 testimonials

In 2016 – over 90% of  the athletes I took on for in an individually coached capacity achieved the goals we had mapped out at the start of the season including PBs at various distances across the board.

Read on below for some of their own comments on how they felt our partnership worked out for them.

“I really do appreciate your help with my strength training! It’s difficult to find a healthy balance with strength training and triathlon training. I know I need strength and conditioning to rehab my body and prevent me from getting injured further, but I also don’t want my muscles to be too sore or tired to perform in key endurance sets or races. This plan is easy to understand, well thought out, and conducive to strengthening your body to complement your normal endurance training. All exercises are ones that will benefit you in the sport, rather than just going to the gym and throwing weight around.

Thanks again for this plan! You rock.”

Cheyenne M – Elite Development Athlete [Training plan purchase] 

Training to a plan built by someone who knows what they’re talking about has made a huge difference.  For me having the structure outlined by Steven was motivating, but more importantly it has improved my enjoyment of racing and without-doubt has improved my times.  I have had sprint and olympic PBs already this season and with Dublin 70.3 on the horizon I am confident of a PB at that distance too.

Dave C [Training plan purchase] – PBs  at Olympic and Sprint distance …. so far!

I presented Coach Steven with a unique challenge of being time deficient and only had limited opportunities to train each week. And those times changed often. He worked to constantly adapt to my timings while also getting the most out of the time available. I found this adaptability and ability to these challenges a commendable skill. Coach Steven also had an excellent ability to keep me focused on either the week ahead or on the Ironman process, as required.”

Gavin – 1st time Ironman finisher

I felt your coaching skills combined with your knowledge of when to push and when to accept my excuses (!) was such a help to me. Our partnership was key in getting me across the finish line in the race with a PB too…. I definitely did more brick sessions than in previous years and that stood to me on race day

Jane – PB 70.3 race distance

Since we teamed up your coaching and advice has made a major difference & improvement to my training. Your analysis has highlighted instances where I was overtraining, brought a focus and rationale to training in the correct HR zones which has developed my endurance. Your coaching has also introduced proper periodization to my training. Crucially having you coaching me has taken away the usual second guessing that goes with setting one’s own training schedule. On the journey I have found that you listened well to my particular circumstances and been flexible and adaptive to suit my busy worklife. TrainingPeaks played a key role here also allowing me to lay out my work commitments in advance and you could tailor the training load and schedule to fit.

So thank you very much for the 2016 season and I look forward to working together again in 2017

Pat- PB Ironman race distance

Just by way of saying thank for being my coach during my time leading up to the Ironman Triathlon in Barcelona in Oct 2016.

During this time I found you very knowledgeable  and helpful on providing advice and structure on the training plan you set for me. The detail was very helpful in understanding what was required both from each of the training session as well as the delivery of the race day performance. Your knowledge experience and understanding of the requirements showcased your knowledge of the sport and Ironman distance racing.

Ger – 1st time Ironman finisher

I just wish to take this opportunity to thank you for being my personal coach over the last thirteen months . The effort and detailed analysis and feed back using training peaks greatly helped me prepared for my best Olympic triathlon last August 2015. But then to have faith and commitment to train me to achieve my first Ironman race in Majorca this September was mind boggling. The great detailed and personal plans created and adjusted for my success lies in the Training peaks app that we used constantly. I would have no hesitation in directing others to your coaching in the future. Thanks for a great journey”

Paul – 1st time Ironman finisher

I enlisted the help of Coach Steven to provide a comprehensive and structured training plan and improve my overall performance, he exceeded all my expectations! Coach Steven used Training Peaks to plan my sessions and monitor my progress, I found this hugely beneficial as it allowed me to track my improvement on-line. In addition, Coach Steven was very responsive to any queries I had. His experience of competing at multiple Ironman events proved invaluable. Within six months of enlisting Coach Steven’s services, I recorded PB’s at Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman distances. I’m delighted to be working with Steven for another season, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Ian – PB 70.3 race distance


Race reports

Paddy Beirne – AG podium Challenge Galway

Challenge Galway Ironman – Sunday 26 June 2016