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I recently purchased Coach Steve’s Ironman training plan from Training peaks. Steve was very quick to respond and extremely helpful getting up and running. So far, It has been a great experience working with Steve and following his plan.”

Gayle Rosewell 10th Dec 2018

Excellent person and professional coach, always available to the needs of athletes, at any time of the day. Well structured and easy to follow workout.”

Cristiano Canali 4th Dec 2018 

I used a Training Plan from Coach Steve to finish my first 140.6 IRONMAN in Zurich Switzerland this year and it worked out perfectly. Despite some heavy GI issues during the swim and halfway through the bike split I was able to finish, also thanks to the prep I did following his plan. Easy written, structured, clever, and with less time effort but better results… would always come back. Thank you so much Steve!”

Philipp Buis, 2nd Dec 2018

I approached Coach Steve from Smartendurancesolutions back in September, as I wanted to have a second opinion on how structured marathon training would work for me – so I bought his advanced marathon plan. From the beginning Coach Steve was very friendly and answered lightning fast all the questions I had- although I’m a decent runner with a pb of 2:51 on the marathon – regardless the question, he was there with a good advice or a joke . Truth is that for those 35 usd paid on the plan you just get more then that – so once this marathon plan is completed, I’ll continue working with Steve on my next goal – sub 10h IM (currently sitting at 10h, with a pb of 10:01 and several other around 10:15). Bottom line – I’m very happy with the choice I made and can’t recommend Smartendurancesolutions enough.

Tudor Sofron, 28th Nov 2018

“I used Smartendurancesolutions for my 1st full Ironman this year, I can’t recommend Smartendurancesolutions enough, Steven took me from very low levels of fitness to completing an Ironman in a time I had only dreamed of. There is great feedback on all sessions. It is easy to see all sessions have a purpose and tie into the overall plan. Heart-rate controlled sessions, which make it all easier on race day to stay on target in zone and in control. The added advantage of having a coach who is very experienced and accomplished long distance racer, is great for bringing a calming effect, for those times of pre-race panic.”

Declan Cunningham, 27th Nov 2018

Got an excellent (beginners) IM programme off (Coach Steve) via Training Peaks: Easy to follow prescriptions for endurance, threshold and higher intensity sessions across all three disciplines. It’s got comprehensive instructions for swim drills, stretching for before/after the bike and how much (by duration) S+C work to thrown into the plan which is really useful as a novice.

The plan progressively banks up fitness and strength over the months – I can see my fitness improving gradually week on week and the built-in step-back weeks are helping stave off injury and fatigue. The plan has taken the guess-work out of my training so I’m getting consistently stronger and faster.

A GREAT investment and better value for $ than any of the tri gear/gadgets I’ve bought! . Experience counts.
+++ Recommended.”

Stephen Moffat, 26th Nov 2018

I recently bought a half ironman plan and had some questions in relation to testing etc. The feedback I got was so swift and any query ive relation to the training set, were answered so quickly. Its my first time training on my runs with HR and im loving it. A more structured approach is really working for me and having a coach to answer any questions is superb. an investment I should have done years go

Sinead Bracken 15th Nov 2018

“Thanks @SMendursolns for your fantastic help with my Ironman Nice 70.3  Personal Best this year – with your help I exceeded my goals and I’m on track for another PB in 2019.”

Sean MacMahon 15th Nov 2018

“I purchased a plan on TrainingPeaks from Steve for my first Ironman race coming up later this year and so far am very impressed with its structure, variety, and detail. 
Steve has also been very quick to respond to any queries or questions I have. 
I will definitely be recommending him to friends looking for good quality, structured coaching”

Conor Gaul 15th Nov 2018

Started with Steve on September 2018, training for Triathlon. I have seen tremendous improvements on my time and physical condition. Training are well designed and well monitored by Steve, how most of the times provides feedback to improve. Thank you!”

Peter Archer 15th Nov 2018

“Gearing up for my first 70.3 in Feb and am enjoying Steve’s program. Very easy to understand and follow and he’s happy to chip in and give in some guidance along the way too! Money well spent.”

Neil Tuohy 14th Nov 2018

I purchased a triathlon 70.3 training plan off Smart Endurance Solutions. It has been a well laid out plan that challenges me yet isn’t so challenging as to deter me from training. It also provided a good balance of swim, cycle and run training. “

Craig Wilson 14th Nov 2018

“Smart Endurance Solutions Made me an Ironman 2018!!! 
Didn’t have to think about a thing! Followed the plan and the rest follows! QED”

Steven Long 12th Nov 2018

“Steve I’ve just completed Dublin City Marathon and the 16 week plan I got from you for it more than delivered. It was my first marathon and hit 3:35 which for someone who wouldn’t class themselves as a runner isn’t s bad start! The plan was very easy to follow and I know with my new targets in my head the plan will help to (hopefully) hit those too.”

G. McAllister – 11th Nov 2018

Hi Steve, just a note to say thanks for all your assistance over the past year. I feel that I have improved since we started working together and am looking forward to working with next year in achieving my goals.”

Ken Hughes 31st Oct 2018

Thank you so much for all your support and advice while I have been training. The fact you replied so quickly to all my emails with great advice was a huge factor in me successfully completing my first Ironman. I could definitely have done better on my run but I was delighted with my time and really just the fact I finished! The fact I feel great this week and am only in pain due to losing 2 toe nails shows how well my training worked”

C. Natschowny – 8th Oct 2018

Very impressed with the level of detail and guidance in each workout, easy to get to grips with bits of TP functionality is didn’t know were there, enjoying the work so far

D. Robertson – 11th Sept 2018

“Hi Steven! I have done yours 36week beginner ironman plan and reached some good results that I am happy about. 2 months ago i finished 70.3 in 5h8min and two days ago my first Ironman Copenhagen in 11h19min. It has been hard at the beginning to stick to the plan, but then i worked very well and I had better understanding what and why I am doing that

A. Kazaritski, 23rd Aug 2018

I crushed the race! Placed 3rd in my age group! First time I’ve made the podium in any race. Huge confidence boost, and it was nice to see my hard work reflected.

E. Spaudling, 22nd Aug 2018

“For me, a triathlon coach is somebody who not only produces training plans and feedback, but one who encourages one to be your best, to reach your true potential, and treats you equally no matter where you are at in the sport be it a beginner or category 1 triathlete. Steven Moody, definitely ticks those boxes. It has been such a great 11 months, that the journey will continue into 2019 to achieve some more goals!”

M. Duignan, 10th June 2018

Coach Steve has been coaching me this year,  he has delivered a quality personalised training and recovery program that allows me to maintain a healthy work, life AND training balance.  Steven is by far the most attentive coach I know.  Feedback on sessions can be almost instant, there are times when there are comments coming in via TrainingPeaks or WhatsApp before I have realised a session has been uploaded.  Most of all Steven’s enthusiasm and love for the sport comes through to his athletes, this makes all of the hardship fun.

J. Lippitt, 70.3 and IRONMAN PB 2018

I emailed Steve prior to purchasing the training plan and he responded quickly with really sensible advice based on my triathlon history and current training volume. Of course being an 45 going on 12 year old age grouper I ignored all sensible advice an purchased the only plan that gives me any remote, long shot of getting to Kona….I’ve just finished my first month of the base phase and despite pushing through a couple of those weird one-day training head-colds due to the increased volume, I’ve loved every minute so far.

Having read and enjoyed Friel’s Training Bible I was still left with just a big empty spreadsheet and too many decisions to make for myself. I’m a normal bloke for god’s sake, tell me what to do or I’ll just sit and watch the Discovery Channel!
Steve’s plan takes away all the science, mathematics and preparation that a triathlete with a full-time job just doesn’t have time for. Once the testing phase is done, each session is is concisely described, training zones set and drills presented via video links etc. where appropriate. For bike sessions I don’t need to know any more than I have a bike session today, once I fire up Zwift, some black-magic means Steve’s session is already there in front of me and ERG means I’m training at exactly the prescribed power throughout, brilliant!
Moving sessions around the plan to fit in with other work commitments is easy and intuitive and for some reason I’m actually motivated to stretch for the first time in 25 years because it’s on the plan. Well I say stretch, think Uma Thurman in Kill Bill trying to wiggle her big toe, but hey, I’m trying.
In all seriousness, having debated throwing a few quid at a properly structured, proven plan for the price of a decent pair of runners, I now couldn’t recommend highly enough. Absolutely fantastic value for money”
David Robertson 2017 testimonial

I’m thrilled to start my Ironman journey with you. My training partner fell in love with your plan and will be buying one too

Claudia C  2017 testimonial

“Since day one taking up triathlon in 2008 Stephen has been a massive reason why I’ve stuck with triathlon and enjoyed it to the extent that I have. He couldn’t do more to encourage and help those around him and is incredibly generous with both his time and knowledge. I’ve benefitted greatly from his technical knowledge and expertise, but it’s his absolute love of the sport and the passion that he brings to coaching that in my mind allows him to stand out as a coach. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

David K, 70.3 PB 2017 testimonial

I have seen many different types of leaders in my day – be that soldiers on the front line when I was serving with the United Nations Peacekeeping forces or business owners pulling their people through our recent economic turmoil – some bluff there way and some even falter but then there are those like Steve who just have it, who walk the talk and lead by example. His hard work and dedication forces you to raise your standards and when you are too tired to see this, he inspires you directly with daily and positive encouragement to stay the course and keep on keeping on. He reminds you of that ever so important WHY!! The WHY that gets you out of the bed at 5am to bike in the rain for endless hours. See, he to has that WHY and thats what drives his dedication, to better his craft, to learn more so he can do more and most importantly, give more.

When I first met Steve – yes, I could technically swim and yes, I  owned a bike but I had NO business asking someone to get me injury free to the start and finish line of Ironman Barcelona – and in just four months!!”

Seamus R – 1st time Ironman finisher  2017 testimonial

Steven has been coaching me this year and I’ve had a great season – completing the NS for the first time in 4 years, injury free. My performance has improved and he has delivered a quality personalised training and recovery program that allows me to maintain a healthy work, life AND training balance.Looking forward to working with Steven again next year.”

Paul D – National series PBs at Olympic and sprint distance  2017 testimonial

“I really do appreciate your help with my strength training! It’s difficult to find a healthy balance with strength training and triathlon training. I know I need strength and conditioning to rehab my body and prevent me from getting injured further, but I also don’t want my muscles to be too sore or tired to perform in key endurance sets or races. This plan is easy to understand, well thought out, and conducive to strengthening your body to complement your normal endurance training. All exercises are ones that will benefit you in the sport, rather than just going to the gym and throwing weight around.

Thanks again for this plan! You rock.”

Cheyenne M – Elite Development Athlete – 2016 testimonial

Training to a plan built by someone who knows what they’re talking about has made a huge difference.  For me having the structure outlined by Steven was motivating, but more importantly it has improved my enjoyment of racing and without-doubt has improved my times.  I have had sprint and olympic PBs already this season and with Dublin 70.3 on the horizon I am confident of a PB at that distance too.

Dave Cullen  – PBs  at Olympic and Sprint distance – 2016 testimonial

I presented Coach Steven with a unique challenge of being time deficient and only had limited opportunities to train each week. And those times changed often. He worked to constantly adapt to my timings while also getting the most out of the time available. I found this adaptability and ability to these challenges a commendable skill. Coach Steven also had an excellent ability to keep me focused on either the week ahead or on the Ironman process, as required.”

Gavin  McAllister – 1st time Ironman finisher – 2016 testimonial

I felt your coaching skills combined with your knowledge of when to push and when to accept my excuses (!) was such a help to me. Our partnership was key in getting me across the finish line in the race with a PB too…. I definitely did more brick sessions than in previous years and that stood to me on race day

Jane Nolan  – PB 70.3 race distance – 2016 testimonial

Since we teamed up your coaching and advice has made a major difference & improvement to my training. Your analysis has highlighted instances where I was overtraining, brought a focus and rationale to training in the correct HR zones which has developed my endurance. Your coaching has also introduced proper periodization to my training. Crucially having you coaching me has taken away the usual second guessing that goes with setting one’s own training schedule. On the journey I have found that you listened well to my particular circumstances and been flexible and adaptive to suit my busy worklife. TrainingPeaks played a key role here also allowing me to lay out my work commitments in advance and you could tailor the training load and schedule to fit.

So thank you very much for the 2016 season and I look forward to working together again in 2017

Pat Linehan – PB Ironman race distance – 2016 testimonial

Just by way of saying thank for being my coach during my time leading up to the Ironman Triathlon in Barcelona in Oct 2016.

During this time I found you very knowledgeable  and helpful on providing advice and structure on the training plan you set for me. The detail was very helpful in understanding what was required both from each of the training session as well as the delivery of the race day performance. Your knowledge experience and understanding of the requirements showcased your knowledge of the sport and Ironman distance racing.

Ger Vowles – 1st time Ironman finisher – 2016 testimonial

I just wish to take this opportunity to thank you for being my personal coach over the last thirteen months . The effort and detailed analysis and feed back using training peaks greatly helped me prepared for my best Olympic triathlon last August 2015. But then to have faith and commitment to train me to achieve my first Ironman race in Majorca this September was mind boggling. The great detailed and personal plans created and adjusted for my success lies in the Training peaks app that we used constantly. I would have no hesitation in directing others to your coaching in the future. Thanks for a great journey”

Paul Smith – 1st time Ironman finisher – 2016 testimonial

I enlisted the help of Coach Steven to provide a comprehensive and structured training plan and improve my overall performance, he exceeded all my expectations! Coach Steven used Training Peaks to plan my sessions and monitor my progress, I found this hugely beneficial as it allowed me to track my improvement on-line. In addition, Coach Steven was very responsive to any queries I had. His experience of competing at multiple Ironman events proved invaluable. Within six months of enlisting Coach Steven’s services, I recorded PB’s at Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman distances. I’m delighted to be working with Steven for another season, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Ian Allen – PB 70.3 race distance – 2016 testimonial

“I have known Steven for a number of years and have been deeply impressed by his enthusiasm and effective efforts to promote the appreciation and understanding of the sport of Triathlon. Combined with his own experiences, interest in technology and new up to date training techniques & ideas, I decided to engage with Steven as my coach 2 years ago. Given my own experiences and while doubting the methods/sessions at times, “trust the plan”, his focus and commitment has kept me in check to successfully achieve my personal goals.  As a partnership, it works and can only recommend anybody thinking about being successful in triathlon, to take on Steven as a coach!”

Roger– PBs  at Ironman and and 70.3 distances – 2015 testimonial

“I hired Steven to bring more structure and direction to my training, as I had been racing for a few year but not achieving the results I wanted. After a meeting with Steven to discuss my goals for the year, he created a clear plan focusing on the races I wanted to do. I got a detailed plan allowing me to see what was ahead in the next few weeks taking into account personal and work commitments. Steven even managed to update my plan on the fly to accommodate my unpredictable working environment. Steven zoned in on and focused on my run weaknesses and without letting my biking or swimming slide, Steven pushed me to achieve multiple PB’sI enjoyed the constant monitoring my workouts and commenting with support or a kick start when needed. Steven is a pleasure to work with and makes the whole training planning seem so easy.”

Declan– PBs  at 70.3 , Olympic and sprint distances – 2015 testimonial

 I’ve been working with Coach Steven as my coach since late 2015.  He’s has a great flexibility to his approach which really suits any Athlete’s personal circumstances.  Since he has been my coach I have achieved a number of personal bests at various distances, also I’ve learn’t a lot about the sport outside of the day to day training, understanding what to eat prior to a race, also how to prepare myself physically & mentally on race day.

TrainingPeaks is ideal for our Coach / Athlete relationship having a young family & busy job it allows us to plan ahead but move sessions easily if required.  The rich data the platform provides also allows us to agree small changes to ensure we maximize the benefits of every session.  The e-mail alerts when Steve comments or changes a session really helps me plan my day according to what I need to achieve as an athlete, employee & Father.

Stuart  Russell  – 2015 testimonial