In 2018 –  the squad grew again but delighted to say the list of achievements/PBs/satisfied customers did too.

Read on below for some of their own comments on how they felt our partnership worked out for them.


Thank you so much for all your support and advice while I have been training. The fact you replied so quickly to all my emails with great advice was a huge factor in me successfully completing my first Ironman. I could definitely have done better on my run but I was delighted with my time and really just the fact I finished! The fact I feel great this week and am only in pain due to losing 2 toe nails shows how well my training worked”

C. Natschowny [Training plan user 2018]

Very impressed with the level of detail and guidance in each workout, easy to get to grips with bits of TP functionality is didn’t know were there, enjoying the work so far

D. Robertson, [Training plan user 2018]

“Hi Steven! I have done yours 36week beginner ironman plan and reached some good results that I am happy about. 2 months ago i finished 70.3 in 5h8min and two days ago my first Ironman Copenhagen in 11h19min. It has been hard at the beginning to stick to the plan, but then i worked very well and I had better understanding what and why I am doing that

A. Kazaritski, [Training plan user 2018]

“This year Coach Moody has absolutely taken me to the next level in triathlon. I have been a ‘completer’ rather than a ‘competer’ for 4 years, but working with Steve this year I have enjoyed really racing more than ever before. Steve has been the only Coach I know who looks at the weather where I am, and gives me advice on hydration, pacing and general safety. I really feel as if he’s got my back, and as long as I work with him and do as he says, he’ll look after me.

So here’s the evidence: I improved my 70.3 time by 50 minutes and an equally massive 1hr 40 minutes off my IM time.

I crushed the race! Placed 3rd in my age group! First time I’ve made the podium in any race. Huge confidence boost, and it was nice to see my hard work reflected.

E. Spaudling, [Training plan user 2018]

Coach Steve has been coaching me this year,  he has delivered a quality personalised training and recovery program that allows me to maintain a healthy work, life AND training balance.  

Steven is by far the most attentive coach I know.  Feedback on sessions can be almost instant, there are times when there are comments coming in via TrainingPeaks or WhatsApp before I have realised a session has been uploaded.  Most of all Steven’s enthusiasm and love for the sport comes through to his athletes, this makes all of the hardship fun.
J. Lippitt, 70.3 and IRONMAN PB 2018