I’m 11 weeks into my 46 weeks Beginner FULL DISTANCE plan. This is my first try at training for a triathlon. What I liked even before purchasing this plan is that I could write an email for coach Steve and get answers for all my concerns. At the time I was in ~4h marathon shape, had some past experience in cycling, and almost no experience in swimming, so we decided that a Beginner plan will suit me the best. At first, it felt that running volume is really low and I’m detraining in my strongest triathlon discipline but in few weeks when cycling volume ramped up those thoughts disappeared. Actually, having less running and more cycling keeps me away from running injuries and I’m faster now than I ever was. I’m probably not in marathon shape anymore but there are 35 weeks of the plan left with plenty of 20+km long runs. Another thing that I liked is tests for HR zones for cycling and running. Finally! Finally, I’m training in zones that i feel are right. In the past, I’ve recalculated my zones using different approaches at least 5 times and they always felt off. Now I feel that I’m really training in the zone that workout prescribes. Swimming. I can’t really talk about that because I’ve only swum for the first few weeks of the plan then due to quarantine all pools were closed, I’ve switched to strength and mobility workouts instead. Last thing. Coach Steve quickly answers all my questions, e.g. what to do when the pool closes, what is the best approach to brick workout, and so on. Overall I feel confident that following this plan I will be an FULL DISTANCE finisher.