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January 4, 2019

I recently bought a program from Steve through training peaks to start my training with the goal of finishing my first ironman this coming October. I have been super impressed with the support and sound, clear advice Steve passes on. Wouldn’t have any problem recommending his services, its superb! Great work Steve!

Brendon Joost Ironman Training Plan
December 17, 2018

Coach Steve’s training package helped me to perform better than I ever thought possible in the 2017 West Australian 70.3 ironman. I went from being a middle of the pack finisher to finishing in the top 20% in my age group by following his intermediate 12 week plan on Training Peaks. I actually enjoyed the whole training period and went into the event feeling confident and strong. The plan was easy to follow with full detailed sets and is incredible value for money. The swim sets are particularly great with enough variety to keep it interesting. I’ve come back for another training program this year and Steve has been awesome answering my emails, almost in real time conversation. Highly recommended!

Kylie Nettleton 70.3 Training Plan
December 10, 2018

I recently purchased Coach Steve’s Ironman training plan from Training Peak. Steve was very quick to respond and extremely helpful in getting up and running. So far, It has been a great experience working with Steve and following his plan.

Gayle Rosewell 70.3 Training Plan
December 7, 2018

Excellent person and professional coach, always available to the needs of athletes, at any time of the day. Well structured and easy to follow workout.

Cristiano Canali Ironman Base Training Plan
December 2, 2018

I used a Training Plan from Coach Steve to finish my first 140.6 IRONMAN in Zurich Switzerland this year and it worked out perfectly. Despite some heavy GI issues during the swim and halfway through the bike split I was able to finish, also thanks to the prep I did following his plan. Easy written, structured, clever, and with less time effort but better results… would always come back. Thank you so much Steve!

Philipp Buis Ironman Training Plan
November 28, 2018

I approached Coach Steve from Smartendurancesolutions back in September, as I wanted to have a second opinion on how structured marathon training would work for me – so I bought his advanced marathon plan. From the beginning Coach Steve was very friendly and answered lightning fast all the questions I had- although I’m a decent runner with a pb of 2:51 on the marathon – regardless the question, he was there with a good advice or a joke 😉. Truth is that for those 35 usd paid on the plan you just get more then that – so once this marathon plan is completed, I’ll continue working with Steve on my next goal – sub 10h IM (currently sitting at 10h, with a pb of 10:01 and several other around 10:15). Bottom line – I’m very happy with the choice I made and can’t recommend Smartendurancesolutions enough.

Tudor Sofron Marathon
November 27, 2018

I used Smartendurancesolutions for my 1st full Ironman this year, I can’t recommend Smartendurancesolutions enough, Steven took me from very low levels of fitness to completing an Ironman in a time I had only dreamed of. There is great feedback on all sessions. It is easy to see all sessions have a purpose and tie into the overall plan. Heart-rate controlled sessions, which make it all easier on race day to stay on target in zone and in control. The added advantage of having a coach who is very experienced and accomplished long distance racer, is great for bringing a calming effect, for those times of pre-race panic

Declan Cunningham Ironman Training Plan
November 26, 2018

Got an excellent (beginners) IM program off (Coach Steve) via Training Peaks: Easy to follow prescriptions for endurance, threshold, and higher intensity sessions across all three disciplines. It’s got comprehensive instructions for swim drills, stretching for before/after the bike, and how much (by duration) S+C work to thrown into the plan which is really useful as a novice.

The plan progressively banks up fitness and strength over the months – I can see my fitness improving gradually week on week and the built-in step-back weeks are helping stave off injury and fatigue. The plan has taken the guess-work out of my training so I’m getting consistently stronger and faster.

A GREAT investment and better value for $ than any of the tri gear/gadgets I’ve bought! Experience counts.
+++ Recommended

Stephen Moffat Ironman Training Plan
November 17, 2018

I recently bought a half ironman plan and had some questions in relation to testing etc. The feedback I got was so swift and any query I’ve had relation to the training set were answered so quickly. It’s my first time training on my runs with HR and I’m loving it. A more structured approach is really working for me and having a coach to answer any questions is superb. an investment I should have done years go

Sinead Bracken 70.3 Base Training Plan
November 17, 2018

Thanks @SMendursolns for your fantastic help with my Ironman Nice 70.3 Personal Best this year – with your help I exceeded my goals and I’m on track for another PB in 2019.

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