I can’t say enough about Coach Steve and his training plans!
I’m only 5 weeks in to my 32 week beginner FULL DISTANCE training plan and
have already seen huge improvements in my fitness…especially my
running! At the start, 4 km seemed like a hurdle but now I’m easily
running 7-12 km 3+ times a week. It took me months to reach those kind
of distances when I was training for a half several years back.

On top of the great plans, Coach Steve has been incredibly accessible
and has helped to move around my workouts to work with my crazy
schedule and my fitness level…it’s been super helpful knowing that
there’s someone there to help and build a bit flexibility into the
program, rather than just skipping workouts all together.

I’m really just getting started and already have a ton of confidence
in my ability to make it across the finish line. I would highly
recommend SMart Endurance Solutions and Coach Steve