Great thanks to Steve for immersing myself in successfully-finished triathletes.
For example in the Russian market is dominated by plans from Nonames. Prices bite, and the plans are created according to standard selling templates, without confirmation of the coaches ‘ expertise. There are a lot of such offers on training peaks. On the contrary, Steve’s plans show a huge experience as a coach and athlete. The plans themselves are simple, transparent, and perfectly structured. Before choosing, I wrote to the coach, he warned me about the difficulties, explained the requirements for me as an athlete. He checked my plans for adequacy and then gave me all the necessary recommendations. This only confirmed my desire to follow his plan.
When I got sick during training, the coach gave instructions on how to adjust the training to compensate for the loss of form.
For the little correspondence that we had during the training, Steve has shown himself to be a very nice person, and training athletes for him is more than just earnings. He plans to invest in themselves and their knowledge.“