Last year I set a goal to race in FULL DISTANCE Western Australia. Considering at that stage I was 122kg and hadn’t raced in 9 years, it was a big ask.
I needed a plan.
Through Training Peaks, I discovered a 48 week FULL DISTANCE plan for beginners offered by Coach Steve. The plan was reasonably priced for the duration and detail and offered support via email.
Had i of known how much support, the timeliness of the support and the quality of the support before I signed up, I’d had thought I was getting the too good to be true plan.
Steve is FABULOUS!
He has been a wonderful support over the last 9 months. He has been patient with my questions, all 3000 of them. His advice has been wonderful and his encouragement has been appreciated.
So brilliant has Steve been over my journey to date, when my FULL DISTANCE was cancelled and I deferred to FULL DISTANCE Cairns in June, Steve was the first I emailed to lock in a new HALF DISTANCE plan to take me to Geelong HALF DISTANCE in February and on to my first FULL DISTANCE in 2021.
Today I’m fitter than I’ve ever been and thanks to the super easy to follow plan that builds progressively and which is achievable each week, I am also 27kgs lighter.
Thanks Steve for being there on my journey to FULL DISTANCE. Couldn’t have done it without your help.