I purchased a 16-week marathon training
program from you with the intention of running the Cork city marathon.
Sad as I was that the race was canceled a few weeks into training I
decided to keep going with the intention of running the marathon
the distance on the day of the race regardless.
I decided to run a marathon a week early on Sunday just passed. Having
never ran a marathon I wasn’t sure what time I would be able to achieve
and set a goal of sub 3:15. Feeling good on the day I pushed on and
finished in a time of 3:06:35.
I followed your program never missing a session other than having to
cut a week out towards the end. I found it extremely helpful and
informative and would never have achieved my time or managed to stay
injury-free without it. I would certainly recommend you to others and
hopefully will use more programs from you in the future.”