May 16, 2022

Happy return to racing yesterday at the Nottingham Outlaw Half!

5 weeks ago I was seriously doubting my ability to finish, and started looking ahead to my A race – Weymouth 70.3 in September. With a little help from Smart Endurance Solutions in adapting a newly purchased plan (for Weymouth) in order to get me to the start line yesterday I managed to surpass my expectations of the day and finished the half marathon super strong! Thanks Coach Steve đź‘Ť

Bex Hughes 70.3 Training Plan
May 9, 2022

Coach Steve's plan is very easy to follow and is just the right balance for someone looking to get back into training after a long hiatus! He is very quick to respond and is very helpful. 5 + STARS!!!

Marjie 70.3 Training Plan
May 9, 2022

I just finished my Half Ironman—Gulf Coast 70.3 and I felt amazing! Thanks for all your help along the way. I got carried away and crushed the bike so my run suffered but I in the end I'm so pleased that I finished HAPPY AND HEALTHY!

Shirlee Finch 70.3 Training Plan
May 7, 2022

After 2 years of Covid cancellations , I finally made it to the start line of the 2022 Port Macquarie 70.3 Ironman. It was hard to stay motivated through Covid lockdowns and weeks of rain, but Steve's program kept me focused and gave me a realistic training load and intensity. I realised I'd been overtraining, and Steve's program taught me the value of low heart rate sessions. I was impressed with Steve's quick response to emails and his reassuring and helpful advice. Thanks Steve!

Helen Kennedy 70.3 Training Plan
May 4, 2022

Many thanks for your plan and support in answering my questions, I really appreciate the time you took to support me.
Regards from Australia,

Nick Ironman Training Plan
May 2, 2022

Plan:46 week Ironman Beginner plan
Progress after 3months: 1st race of the season (Olympic)
Swim: After a chaotic start & 38mins later (my fastest open-water swim) I was on my bike. Which was a breeze. I started the run and was surprised to see that I finished my first mile at 7.30min. Your words "focus on good running form, engage the core, lean forward, land on the ball of the feet" became a mantra. And just like that I had my first sub-3 by a good 7minutes.
Thank you Coach Steve! You rock!

hemanth Ironman Training Plan
April 21, 2022

I am very happy with your plan and I will keep using it and most probably others, too.

Ondrej Kutina Olympic Training Plan
April 18, 2022

Thank you Coach and I love the training so far. I only wish i lived somewhere close by to train with you, because i see the positive benefits of your plans remotely!

Hermanth Sival Ironman Training Plan
April 14, 2022

I have purchased and been working through your Ironman 70.3 beginner training programme. It has been brilliant so far, I have been really enjoying it.

Thomas Gillman 70.3 Training Plan
April 13, 2022

After 4 attempts I finally broke my goal time for a marathon and QUALIFIED for Boston! All down to your plan … so delighted – thank you Coach Steve

Maria Sweeney Marathon
April 13, 2022

Just finished your 12-week beginner Olympic plan and had an awesome day out – my swim was way better than expected, the bike had me passing lots of people and I finished the run a little slower than I hoped but my overall time was WAY faster than my target 3 hours (2:48!) – thank you so much!

Should I go straight onto an intermediate plan now? I want to race again soon

Paolo F Olympic Training Plan
April 10, 2022

Steve was very knowledgeable and kept things interesting. The program helped me to get a better understanding of my zones for training and I enjoyed being able to get advice on upcoming events.

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