November 22, 2022

I am liking the strength training program for triathletes. I purchased it last week and it’s been a lot of fun

Abby Live Strength Plan
March 13, 2022

I just bought your training peaks strength training plan. I like how you structure things – this will help me enormously

Scott F Strength Plan
May 10, 2021

Just finishing up your 8 week triathlon specific S&C plan – in previous seasons I always tended to end up injured when the running volume built up due to weak claves … but this year – before the real intense stuff starts – must admit I am feeling almost bullet proof – thank you Coach S

Debbie O’Neill Strength Plan
April 24, 2021

Hello Coach Steve – I wanted to email you and tell you I really enjoyed your triathlon-specific strength and conditioning plan – I already feel stronger on the bike and run … as soon as I am able to swim – hoping to see benefits there too – it is a good plan – Gracias

Juan Martinez Strength Plan
March 29, 2021

Found your swim specific plan really useful during lockdown – helped me deal with my swim FOMO for sure … and I even have a stronger core rather than a COVD belly! Thank you

Rory McConnell Strength Plan
June 16, 0216

I really do appreciate your help with my strength training! It’s difficult to find a healthy balance with strength training and triathlon training. I know I need strength and conditioning to rehab my body and prevent me from getting injured further, but I also don’t want my muscles to be too sore or tired to perform in key endurance sets or races. This plan is easy to understand, well thought out, and conducive to strengthening your body to complement your normal endurance training. All exercises are ones that will benefit you in the sport, rather than just going to the gym and throwing weight around.
Thanks again for this plan! You rock.

Cheyenne M Strength Plan