March 30, 2022

I can’t say enough about how great Coach Steve’s PB Hit squad is! I had been training on my own using his 70.3 and OLY plans for 2 yrs prior to joining the squad and I wish I had joined earlier because
1 I gained a lot of better insight into how proper testing really impacts training.
2 I didn’t realize how much I was adjusting the plan & hurting my training when on my own
3 The topics covered in the zooms were insightful and Q&A helped me talk through scenarios that worried me
Thanks CS!!

Bryce MK Hudson PB Hit Squad
March 30, 2022

Returning to triathlon after a 20 year gap, I found Smart Endurance Solutions & Coach Steve Moody on Training Peaks. Three months on, I can say what a very positive difference it has made.
The precious time and energy I am spending in training is more efficiently used and i've been particularly taken with Coach Steve's "PB Hit Squad" – a hybrid coaching/support group where I'm learning new skills, swapping stories with other triathletes and asking specific questions about my plan.

Carl Benfield PB Hit Squad