August 12, 2023

Easy to follow plan. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Coach Steve who was always there to answer any queries. Was surprised to see how the plan managed to have me peak right on race week. Likewise, i was pleased that the plan was solid enough to compensate for all the sessions I had to miss as life and health got into the way.

Lorne Cremona PB Hit Squad
June 12, 2023

After completing my HALF DISTANCE in Barcelona at 5:53, I joined the PB Hit squad for improved training. Coach Steve and Coach Mark’s meticulous sessions and calls transformed my performance. With their guidance, I’ve achieved numerous PB’s since then. The PB Hit squad is the ultimate training experience for progress. I am sure that by joining the PB hit squad it has transformed my training.

Jason Beedle PB Hit Squad
April 27, 2023

I would like to thank you so much for this training plan. My fitness level is beyond anything I could have hoped for, really loving the plan

Owen Keane PB Hit Squad
March 12, 2023

Hey Steve,

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the IM course and question-answering service!

I started one of your 10 month IM training programmes back in October shortly after doing my first marathon. Today I ran the Inverness half marathon as my first B race and smashed my PB @ half marathon by 7.5mins at 1:46:28…felt like I still had some in the legs at the end. I ran the same course last march in 2:08 before I started all the training

Jon Wylie PB Hit Squad
March 2, 2023

The Training plan you have done out for me is going really well. Pushing me harder than I have ever gone but my fitness is flying up. Thank you very much.

Owen Keane PB Hit Squad
February 26, 2023

Thanks for your plan/support, today I managed to keep a pace of 4:50 throughout the whole 1/2 marathon achieving a PB on this route.

Stephen Aquilina PB Hit Squad
December 7, 2022

The PBhitsquad Zooms are great. I will learn a lot over these next few months so thank you very much for that.

Owen Keane PB Hit Squad
October 15, 2022

51 mins faster than last year!! Going for a beer after a lie down.. Thanks Coach Steve

Barry MacQuaile PB Hit Squad
October 15, 2022

I am unbelievably stoked. I am so happy about it. I wanted to knock close to 30mins but to smash it by 40mins is unreal. 6.51. I couldn't be happier.

Peter MacNamara PB Hit Squad
July 19, 2022

The weekly zoom meetings with Coach Steve & other triathletes, hearing about their races & training has taken some of the stress away, the information & advice is spot on. Thanks, Coach Steve for your support.

Kenny Barnwell PB Hit Squad
June 21, 2022

I just finished my first HALF DISTANCE after following Coach Steve's HALF DISTANCE plan. While I started off pretty nervous about the whole idea the plan helped me build confidence over time. Even when I got hit with Covid near the end of my build phase Coach Steve helped me re-organize my plan and push through to the end. I'm not the fastest athlete out there but Coach Steve's plan gave me the confidence to push myself to run hard and strong right through the end. Thanks Coach!

Matt PB Hit Squad
April 10, 2022

Steve was very knowledgeable and kept things interesting. The program helped me to get a better understanding of my zones for training and I enjoyed being able to get advice on upcoming events.

Kristy PB Hit Squad