March 29, 2021

I am using coach Steve's intermediate 20 week plan to prepare for this season. Every session is super easy to follow, when loaded into TrainingPeaks they sync with my watch which is great! If I do have a question I can email Steve, and he's always quick to respond with clarifications and encouragement :-). My power has increased on the bike, and I have PB'd a local 10k race already in the build up to the season. Highly recommend getting one of these plans. I am going get a70.3 plan next

Paul O’Donovan Olympic Training Plan
December 17, 2020

Really appreciate your training plans by the way. See steady progress with them, and have fun, so thanks!

Laskey Hart Olympic Training Plan
November 2, 2020

I bought your Olympic program and completed my Olympic yesterday, in a PB of minus 14 mins, I felt great and was delighted.

Owen Threadgold Olympic Training Plan
August 24, 2020

In the past 2 weeks I have set PBs for Watts for 30 and 60 min on the bike, I did my fastest ever 30km on the bike last night (beating my old time by a few minutes, even after running 10km in the stinking hot morning), and I actually feel like a somewhat competent swimmer these days! So overall, I am really happy with the workouts and program in general so THANK YOU!

B. Hudson Olympic Training Plan
January 11, 2020

Delighted with the plan from Steve. Had a few issues I needed to run past him and the feedback was very quick and clear. Would recommend him to anyone.

Simon Jackson Olympic Training Plan
September 4, 2019

The plan is very useful and practical ,its my first time doing a training plan with training peak , and its very good.

Raul Vieria Olympic Training Plan
August 5, 2019

I just wanted to let you know my training has been going great so far and I’m shocked at what I’m able to accomplish with this training plan

Kevin Drury Olympic Training Plan
July 25, 2019

I am now enjoying my training plan which I purchased in June. And I
can feel the improvement from all three sports.

Vensent Wang Olympic Training Plan
June 19, 2019

Coach Steve’s plan I purchased on training peaks has been wonderful and led to PBs in the run and bike in my Sprint and Olympic distance races. He has also been so responsive and helpful via email if I have needed to clarify a workout or adapt something. Highly recommended!

Whitney May Olympic Training Plan
June 11, 2019

Thanks for answering my training plan query so quickly … Ran my fastest 1km during a 10km run, and just increased my FTP on the bike (by 5%) last night on the bike trainer without me pushing to do it….just happened.
So I am excited to see where this all ends up in a few months

Sam Kidd Olympic Training Plan
May 19, 2019

As a first time triathlete, I can definitely recommend the training plans of Steve. Over the last 6 months I’ve tried to do everything myself, but couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Which zone calculator to use? Which sessions actually work? How make sure not to undertrain? How not to overtrain? Steve’s training plans are straightforward and take all that guesswork out of it. Big bonus: the extremely fast responses to emails (24/7 it seems, do you even sleep?!) really help with all the little details that you usually just gloss over and provide even more peace of mind during training. All in all highly recommended!

David Meijer Olympic Training Plan