July 19, 2022

Hi Coach, writing this to thank you for your training plans. Ever since I started using them, I have not struggled in the last 3 races I have done this year!

Hemant Shiv Olympic Training Plan
July 13, 2022

First Olympic distance race is in the books and it was a success! …. Thank you Coach Steve for your plans and support, it made a huge difference and in many ways! Off to the next Olympic race and then start getting prepared for Ironman next year — with Coach Steve of course!

George Poulakidas Olympic Training Plan
April 21, 2022

I am very happy with your plan and I will keep using it and most probably others, too.

Ondrej Kutina Olympic Training Plan
April 13, 2022

Just finished your 12-week beginner Olympic plan and had an awesome day out – my swim was way better than expected, the bike had me passing lots of people and I finished the run a little slower than I hoped but my overall time was WAY faster than my target 3 hours (2:48!) – thank you so much!

Should I go straight onto an intermediate plan now? I want to race again soon

Paolo F Olympic Training Plan
March 10, 2022

You’re doing a great job motivating people! I like the funny and informal way you explain things in Trainingpeaks and in the PDF-documents.

Kees Perquin Olympic Training Plan
February 7, 2022

I searched through a number of training programmes on Training Peaks and was delighted I chose Coach Steve and Smart Endurance Solutions.
From a long time absence away from triathlon, I wanted something that would get me up to date without having to think too hard, and that would also adapt to my own development.
So far it has challenged me without being over-faced. The Facebook community and ability to email Coach Steve is a really nice extra for such a good value package.

Carl Benfield Olympic Training Plan
February 6, 2022

On week 2 of the training and loving it, definitely feeling an improvement and know that my goal will be reached by the end of the plan. Also had a couple of questions in the beginning like most people do when starting a new plan and my questions were answered instantly which was great

joey Olympic Training Plan
January 22, 2022

Hello! I am currently training on a 16 week Olympic triathlon plan and loving it.

Clayton Weber Olympic Training Plan
December 23, 2021

Was delighted to see what improvements your 24 week Inter Oly plan had earned me – was touch and go for a while to see if the race would go ahead – but man, when it did … I was not disappointed = 2 min PB on the swim, 14 PB on the bike and 5 mins on my run … felt strong the entire way (ok maybe not in the last 2km of the run … LOL)

Thank you so much for this breakthrough result … more to come next race season methinks! I will be in touch Coach Steve

Ian Williams Olympic Training Plan
November 19, 2021

Coach Steve and his Olympic plan are awesome!!! I improved by almost 20 percent from my last race, which was only 6 months ago. I rode the bike leg faster than I've ever ridden a bicycle, and my swim was the strongest ever. I emailed Coach multiple times during the program and he was superbly responsive. This race was such a phenomenal experience and Coach Steve and his program aided immensely in that. I would recommend his programs to any triathletes of all levels without hesitation.

Robert Holmes Olympic Training Plan
November 14, 2021

Thanks for all the content you provide to facebook and the effective, affordable training plans you develop. I’ve used a couple Tri plans with great success

Kevin Stapleton Olympic Training Plan
October 14, 2021

Incredibly happy with these results. This is probably the first time I’ve ever completed an actual program for a specific event and it was a great experience.

Robert Holmes Olympic Training Plan