April 13, 2022

After 4 attempts I finally broke my goal time for a marathon and QUALIFIED for Boston! All down to your plan … so delighted – thank you Coach Steve

Maria Sweeney Marathon
January 22, 2022

Sorry for delay in posting but just wanted to say a few weeks back I smashed my PB with your intermediate marathon plan – found the race pace sessions had me so dialled in for execution on the day – so will be looking for a new plan for Boston! Thanks Coach Steve

Craig Brewster Marathon
December 22, 2021

Just wanted to say ended up with 2 PBs this season from one of your marathon plans – a B race half marathon PB (complete bonus – very happy) and nailed my A race marathon goal – thank you and happy holidays to you and your family Coach Steve

Henrik L Marathon
October 25, 2021

I took the 18 weeks marathon plan to prepare for my first marathon and succeeded! The plan and Steves support definitely contributed to reaching my goal!

The plan it self was very good and clear, and gave good variation. The quick and enthousiast email support from Steve to answer any kind of questions was a very nice addition.

Will come back in future when I need a plan and support. Keep up the good work!

Thijs Marathon
April 27, 2021

Have been using your intermediate 24 week marathon plan and ever since I have embraced your zone based system of training – I am already seeing benefits – my avg HR is down 5 beats on my long runs and I am still able to run 8 min miles really comfortably – excited to see how much more I can improve – I will let you know!!!

JP Smith Marathon
May 26, 2020

I purchased a 16-week marathon training
program from you with the intention of running the Cork city marathon.
Sad as I was that the race was canceled a few weeks into training I
decided to keep going with the intention of running the marathon
the distance on the day of the race regardless.
I decided to run a marathon a week early on Sunday just passed. Having
never ran a marathon I wasn’t sure what time I would be able to achieve
and set a goal of sub 3:15. Feeling good on the day I pushed on and
finished in a time of 3:06:35.
I followed your program never missing a session other than having to
cut a week out towards the end. I found it extremely helpful and
informative and would never have achieved my time or managed to stay
injury-free without it. I would certainly recommend you to others and
hopefully will use more programs from you in the future.”

Aedan Birmingham Marathon
December 5, 2019

Great instructions by coach Steve and I’m looking forward to smash my training for this Marathon. The training peak app is very straight forward once you get familiar and with Steve’s advice

Julia Massoti Marathon
August 16, 2019

Steve is a great coach, extremely responsive and sets a plan that will work for you! I seen my fitness increase way more during his plan than when I was creating my own. Would highly recommend!

Owen Glennon Marathon
July 31, 2019

Hi Coach Steve! I’m loving this plan you have developed. Thank you!

Mary Kate Noble Marathon
March 6, 2019

Steve knows how to get results, he helped me get back on track after taking a bit of time out of Tri. He’s always there with a supportive word or kick up the ass as and when needed. Couldn’t recommend coach Steve more, knows his stuff and is an all-around nice guy!

James Northridge Marathon
November 28, 2018

I approached Coach Steve from Smartendurancesolutions back in September, as I wanted to have a second opinion on how structured marathon training would work for me – so I bought his advanced marathon plan. From the beginning Coach Steve was very friendly and answered lightning fast all the questions I had- although I’m a decent runner with a pb of 2:51 on the marathon – regardless the question, he was there with a good advice or a joke 😉. Truth is that for those 35 usd paid on the plan you just get more then that – so once this marathon plan is completed, I’ll continue working with Steve on my next goal – sub 10h IM (currently sitting at 10h, with a pb of 10:01 and several other around 10:15). Bottom line – I’m very happy with the choice I made and can’t recommend Smartendurancesolutions enough.

Tudor Sofron Marathon
November 11, 2018

Steve I’ve just completed Dublin City Marathon and the 16 week plan I got from you for it more than delivered. It was my first marathon and hit 3:35 which for someone who wouldn’t class themselves as a runner isn’t s bad start! The plan was very easy to follow and I know with my new targets in my head the plan will help to (hopefully) hit those too.

Gavin McAllister Marathon