August 21, 2022

Coach Steve is simply awesome! I am just getting back to training and he has been super helpful already! I am so happy that I chose Smart Endurance Solutions to help get me to the finish line of my second Ironman.

Tanya Sparling Ironman Training Plan
August 16, 2022

What a weekend.
Thanks very much for all your help and support over the last year.
Crossing the finish line and hearing those words “David Hill you are an Ironman” made all the time and commitment worthwhile.

David Hill Ironman Training Plan
August 15, 2022

Being able to swim, bike and run, albeit for really short distances, I signed up for IM Ireland giving myself 8 months of training with a plan from Steve starting mind January.

Of all the items used during training and on race day Steve’s plan was one that gave me a huge return on investment over everything else. Without it I would have been training blind and I am confident I would not have completed the day.

Huge thanks Coach Steve for the support on my IM journey.

Davin Ironman Training Plan
July 22, 2022

I completed my first Ironman in Klagenfurt, Austria, using the 6-month training plan. Working 50 hours a week, the plan is well-designed and with enough flexibility to be able to balance training with a demanding work schedule.

Coach Steve was always very responsive to questions and provided constructive advice based on my personal performance needs, and the metrics dashboard provided helpful insights into progress. I look forward to using Smart Endurance Solutions for future races!

Karin Avila Ironman Training Plan
July 6, 2022

Thanks for the IronMan training plan Coach Steve.
Just finished IronMan Austria with a new personal best. Felt really good during the race and only the hot temperatures of ~35 degrees Celsius stoped me from getting an even better finishing time. The plan was great, with lots of long rides and runs that proved their worth during the race. Very important: i don't have any next day pain after the race (I can even do squats) so the recovery went so well. Highly recommend your plan to anyone. Thanks

Mircea Ironman Training Plan
July 1, 2022

Coach Steve is awesome. If you are reading this review because you consider buying one of his plans then stop reading and just buy it now. And if you doubt which plan is right for you, just send him an email to ask for advice. I used his 36 weeks Beginners plan to train for my first Ironman, and everything went as smooth as can be. I got to the start line strong and confident, and to the finish line happy and still strong after a great run.
Not enough space here for the praise he deserves!

Germana T. Ironman Training Plan
June 16, 2022

A huge thanks to Coach Steve for his 40 week IM program. The pace of progression was ideal. It really helped to minimise injury and took me to the best shape of my life. Steve's help and enthusiasm when I had questions made me feel like I was always supported. The result was that I felt like I was 'racing' rather than simply dragging myself to the finish. Many thanks Coach Steve. I'll be back for the next plan!

Mark Osborne Ironman Training Plan
May 4, 2022

Many thanks for your plan and support in answering my questions, I really appreciate the time you took to support me.
Regards from Australia,

Nick Ironman Training Plan
May 2, 2022

Plan:46 week Ironman Beginner plan
Progress after 3months: 1st race of the season (Olympic)
Swim: After a chaotic start & 38mins later (my fastest open-water swim) I was on my bike. Which was a breeze. I started the run and was surprised to see that I finished my first mile at 7.30min. Your words "focus on good running form, engage the core, lean forward, land on the ball of the feet" became a mantra. And just like that I had my first sub-3 by a good 7minutes.
Thank you Coach Steve! You rock!

hemanth Ironman Training Plan
April 18, 2022

Thank you Coach and I love the training so far. I only wish i lived somewhere close by to train with you, because i see the positive benefits of your plans remotely!

Hermanth Sival Ironman Training Plan
February 20, 2022

Training is going well so far! Thank you so much for this plan. My bikes and runs are progressing nicely.

Bethany Reinbolt Ironman Training Plan
February 9, 2022

I’ve never signed up to a structured training plan before.

So for me your plan & the structure & Trainingpeaks is great motivation. Trying to get those boxes to go green keeps me on my toes.

I really like the way the plan is laid out. Eg the swims are normally on the same days of the week, so it’s easier to plan them.

I already feel fitter & stronger than I have in a long time… the plan works 🙂

Gerard Mulligan Ironman Training Plan