July 12, 2019

After self-coaching for a few years, I decided to put some purpose and organization into my Ironman training, signed up with a plan from Steve, and am very impressed with the layout and attention to detail in the plan. Steve also responds to questions quickly and addresses the issues immediately. I also have a shift pattern work schedule which he helped me figure out.

Highly recommend, if you want to step it up a level!”

Kevin Beades Ironman Training Plan
July 5, 2019

Coach Steve had the job of mentoring & preparing me for the IM Cork and a half-distance event in Galway.
Without his guidance/tips and tricks, I would not have got on as well as I did.
His humor/patience / experience were all vital and helped get me and also many others through the day”

Liam Lynch Ironman Training Plan
May 24, 2019

I am about 1/2 way through my 44 week Ironman triathlon training program and I have been really enjoying it. I am new to triathlon and a number of year past my life as a football player so the program has provided both good structure and easy to follow workouts that have helped me already make a lot of great strides. I have had a few questions along the way and Coach Moody has always been quick to respond and given me personally tailored responses, to which I am thankful for. Unfortunately, with COVID my races have been postponed/cancelled, but I have no doubt that the plan will get me there once races are back on as the plan has already helped increased my speed and endurance across the board.

Bryce Hudson Ironman Training Plan
April 16, 2019

Great coach Steve!! I’m following your plan for the Ironman and I’m improving very well!! Very fast in email reply with his advice and assistance!! Highly recommended

Andrea Parolin Ironman Training Plan
April 10, 2019

Thank you for all your Support. I’m training for Ironman #7. First time that I use a online Coach. Now I wish I had started or found Steve = smartendurancesolution earlier. He is really smart, helpful and structured.

Andreas Pitti Heerwagen Ironman Training Plan
March 21, 2019

Coach Steve is great! He is extremely responsive and was able to come up with an excellent plan to fit my needs and my goal to complete my first Ironman later this year. I can’t recommend him enough!

Micheal Pettibone Ironman Training Plan
March 19, 2019

I have your full-distance plan (24 weeks) and I love it, a big fan!

Anne Colenn Ironman Training Plan
February 26, 2019

Both me and my wife are using 36 weeks ironman training program from smartendurancesolution, this will be her first full ironman and my third full ironman. This program we use now is specially made for ironman Italy / emilia – romania by smartendurancesolution. So i have good comperance on other programs, I highly recommend smartendurancesolution ironman training plan.

Gudmundur Jenson Ironman Training Plan
February 12, 2019

I can’t say enough about Coach Steve and his training plans!
I’m only 5 weeks in to my 32 week beginner Ironman training plan and
have already seen huge improvements in my fitness…especially my
running! At the start, 4 km seemed like a hurdle but now I’m easily
running 7-12 km 3+ times a week. It took me months to reach those kind
of distances when I was training for a half several years back.

On top of the great plans, Coach Steve has been incredibly accessible
and has helped to move around my workouts to work with my crazy
schedule and my fitness level…it’s been super helpful knowing that
there’s someone there to help and build a bit flexibility into the
program, rather than just skipping workouts all together.

I’m really just getting started and already have a ton of confidence
in my ability to make it across the finish line. I would highly
recommend SMart Endurance Solutions and Coach Steve

Katie Losenno Ironman Training Plan
February 9, 2019

Steve has helped reeducate me with the benefits of technology hoping to PB in Switzerland this year. Great coach and always there to help 5/5

Gary Smith Ironman Training Plan
February 8, 2019

I recently decided after completing a few marathons and the odd triathlon that I wanted to take on the challenge of a full Ironman. Knowing I needed a structured training programme I began to research the many training programmes available online and spoke to others who have previously done these events. The name that kept coming up was Steve Moody and Training Peaks. The variety of programmes, designed for all levels are second to none. Given the commitment and discipline required the programmes are not mundane, sessions are varied and really well constructed. However, above all else, having Steve’s input and help is the biggest benefit, along with his encouragement and reassurance he’s always just an email away and he always responds swiftly. Overall, although slightly daunted by the prospect of tackling my first Ironman I couldn’t be happier having Steve and Training Peaks helping me along the way. In a nutshell I couldn’t recommend Steve and Training Peaks highly enough.

Dave Stapleton Ironman Training Plan
January 28, 2019

When I asked Steve if I could use his logo for my blog he replied yes asked that I share my blog site with him. He had a look at some of my posts and replied his coach senses were tingling. After some coach and athlete banter, we both agreed that based on my goals and this is the first IRONMAN I should move to the intermediate plan.

I have to say it is the best money I have spent!

Tyson M Ironman Training Plan