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Reviews - Ironman Base Training Plan

June 18, 2021

Bought your plan to keep me focused – ended up not only losing weight but making serious gains on my weakest discipline – the run …. now holding 6 min/km for a zone 2 run – giddy up! Thanks Coach Steve

Jean Rafter Ironman Base Training Plan
May 26, 2021

Just finishing up one of your excellent Ironman base training plans – FTP up by 10% from start, completed the run test 20 secs faster per km than when I started – feeling strong!!! Thank you Coach Steve …. so now lets talk full plans!!! 😉

Karl Richardson Ironman Base Training Plan
December 7, 2018

Excellent person and professional coach, always available to the needs of athletes, at any time of the day. Well structured and easy to follow workout.

Cristiano Canali Ironman Base Training Plan