August 23, 2023

Steve’s plan was really great. I felt very well-prepared and ready my first HALF DISTANCE. I remember my first Olympic – done with some self-training/a tri club, no real “plan” per se – being anxious about the race. After using this training plan, I knew I could complete the race before I stepped foot on the course – it almost felt easy! Looking forward to using Steve’s plans again for my first FULL DISTANCE!

Tori HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
August 20, 2023

Just back from Youghal. What a day and what an experience for my first ever triathlon! Lots of emotions right now that are hard to describe. . Overall I finished in 5hrs 39mins and I’m delighted with that giving family life, job, yada yada, you know…

I just wanted to say your plans were invaluable and so beneficial to making me hit my goal (and smash it). Furthermore, the free content you provide on YouTube was priceless.

Thanks again, coach. Here’s to ‘Sub 5’ next

Mick Stewart HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
August 7, 2023

Your training plan help keep me focussed, made me a fitter and more knowledgeable athlete. I’m looking for my next event now (maybe another middle distance or Olympic) but I will be back to buy a full distance programme later in the year!

David Simms HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
August 2, 2023

Just a few weeks out from my first HALF DISTANCE. Coach Steve has helped me keep motivated and as best prepared anyone could ask for. Great tips , advice all the way through.

Definitely going on another plan under Steve’s guidance.

Jonathan McNally HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
July 23, 2023

Knocked out my first HALF DISTANCE this morning. Came in a little over 10 minutes under my goal of 5:30. Next to the training plan, Coach Steve’s webinar on nutrition and fueling was the most helpful tool for me. Couldn’t have had a better day thanks to all the tools and info available.

Sky Opila HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
July 6, 2023

I owe you a big deal of gratitude. Dont know how you do it, but the way you planned your program made me, I feel, peak at the perfect time. Likewise, I am pleasantly surprised that your plan catered for hiccups that life throws at us.

Lorne Cermona HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
July 5, 2023

Thank you very much for your plan. My experience was incredible, and I believe there is room for improvement in the upcoming half triathlons next year. Let’s keep in touch.

Ivan Iglesias Montes HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
June 21, 2023

I recently completed my first HALF DISTANCE FULL DISTANCE race, and I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Coach Steve Moody and his team at Smart Endurance Solutions. Their Beginner HALF DISTANCE triathlon training plan has transformed me from someone who struggled to run 10km two years ago into a confident & capable triathlete. I couldn't be happier with the results and the support I received throughout the entire process. The training plan offered by Coach Steve is exceptionally well-structured and value for money!

Bayden HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
May 18, 2023


Had an epic weekend completing my 1st ever HALF DISTANCE and smashing my goal of 6 hours with a 5:43 finish

The plan worked a treat – thank you so much for it and answering all my questions!

Elaine Twomey HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
March 11, 2023

Loving the plan, started the 32 week beginner HALF DISTANCE plan in early Jan with A race coinciding with Cork in August. Been following it to the letter and while I’d be a strong swimmer and cyclist, I’m seeing massive gains in my run having gone from a 1:45 half marathon to running an 18km training run comfortably in z2 at 4:50 average (including 2km warm up and cool down), at the tail end of a 3 week base block! If you’d told me that 6 months ago I’d have laughed at you

Colm Tobin HALF DISTANCE Training Plan
January 25, 2023

Happy new week! I wanted to share I took part in my first Olympic triathlon last week and got 3rd place in my age group. More importantly, is that I felt strong and comfortable during the event which was my goal! The placing was an added bonus

Bronwen Brauteseth HALF DISTANCE Training Plan