May 25, 2021

Grabbed a nice age group win in my first tri of the season yesterday – helped of course by your training plan! 🙂

Richard Bysouth 70.3 Training Plan
May 6, 2021

Just a big old thank you for the recent PB in my latest 70.3! Got over a little panic attack in the swim (partly thanks to the advice on the visualisation to help me get my mind in the game – mainly down to me MTFU ;-)) , smashed my bike and held it together for the run! I will be in touch re the next challenge – Ironman Barcelona in 2022!

Johnnie Cairns 70.3 Training Plan
April 30, 2021

Coach Steve does an incredible job of dialed in training to your specific needs. I am pleased with the program which has enabled me to prepare for my first 70.3. The knowledge that Coach Steve shared has made this process a great experience along with positive motivation/confidence building. I highly recommend this to anyone considering a seamless training program which provides the daily work out up to race day!!

Britt Rembert 70.3 Training Plan
April 17, 2021

Steve is very responsive, very quick at setting up plans and always listens to his clients needs. Nothing is too much trouble ! Thanks Steve

Liam 70.3 Training Plan
April 13, 2021

Awesome plan, really seeing the gains as I go into the build phase of the plan, Steve responds quickly to emails while also providing interesting information along the way, will buy from Steve again 5 stars from me.

James 70.3 Training Plan
April 12, 2021

I have worked with Steve from sprint races to 70.3 distance. Steve provides excellent planned out programmes and provides detailed feedback to ensure you are making progress and know your numbers for race day.

David Mulqueen 70.3 Training Plan
April 11, 2021

Steve has been nothing short of brilliant. The initial consultation was thorough which gave me utter confidence in choosing the right plan. The plan itself was incredibly easy to follow with plenty of reading to keep me well informed. This all gave me the perfect springboard to smash my PB at the 70.3 distance. I felt strong and well-rested, which was all down to the plan allowing me to be race-ready. I'd highly recommend Steve for your plan. Thank you, Steve, you hero. ++

Ben Newman 70.3 Training Plan
April 7, 2021

I'm writing this review in the middle of a 70.3 training plan. But I've feel so supported by the coach that I already bought the Ironman Training Plan. In 3 months I'm back in a very good shape and eager to get racing.
The main thing about getting an online training plan is the feeling you're getting a plan from a machine, this is the complete oposite with the coach helping me every step of the way! A excelent plan from a very nice human being !

Nuno Riberio 70.3 Training Plan
April 7, 2021

Steve is an experienced coach. He has a thorough understanding of training peaks and how to interpret the data so if you are using TP then Steve can help you to leverage the information to provide more insights. I used Steve's plan for my 1st half ironman and finished it injury free in the time as trained and planned.

Val Quinn 70.3 Training Plan
April 4, 2021

Well I'm the guy a coach doesn't want or need .
Can't get my shit together can't get motivated or maybe I should say can't get motivated without a kick in the arse from coach Moody who never gives up on me.
Coach Moody adjusts and readjusts my programme to where my head is at while all the time giving me a reason to stay with it when I want to just Jack it all in .
I would most certainly be in a worse head space without coach sticking it out with me .
Thanks coach this time I'll get it done

John Freeman 70.3 Training Plan
April 3, 2021

Steven set me up with my first 70.3 training plan back in 2015 and I haven’t looked back since. He designed a structured, balanced and personalized plan that enabled me achieve all my goals and far more!

Steven always gave great feedback for my sessions while remaining lighthearted and making sure i stayed grounded!
I would highly recommend his training plans to anyone looking to make gains from whatever level they’re at.

Gareth 70.3 Training Plan
April 1, 2021

After completing a number of half Ironman’s I reached a plateau in training and was finding it difficult to move forward.
I enrolled in a training program with Coach Steve and after setting my goals he starting providing feedback on a weekly basis on my sessions.
In between I obtained pbs in sprint and Olympic distance.
After postponement of events he changed plan to accommodate my desires.
The result a 5.28 in Ironman 70.3 Turkey at 53 years without any major injuries along the way.

Patrick Fenech 70.3 Training Plan