January 6, 2022

Used and loved Coach Steve’s 70.3 plan – as not only got me fit and strong but got me that elusive PB … not bad for a guy nearly hitting 50! Age is just a number! Thanks CS

Craig M 70.3 Training Plan
December 27, 2021

Coach Steve has incredible experience to deal the approach and training plan best suited for your goals. He will optimise the plan that works best along side your lifestyle. He is hands on and it’s this attention to detail that sets him above the rest. Highly recommend.

Mark Fitzgerald 70.3 Training Plan
December 23, 2021

Very grateful to Steve for the 70.3 beginner 30 week plan, tailored to my desire to improve my swimming while also getting ready for my first 70.3 race in August. It seems to be very comprehensive, i’ve gone for the heart rate option, and really appreciate Steve’s availability by email to answer queries, tweak plan etc. Fantastic value for money. I’ll be adding on his S&C sessions to it which are designed to integrate naturally. Set my start date for mid January so good motivation for the NY.

Eddie Cosgrave 70.3 Training Plan
December 23, 2021

Coach Steve Moody has a wealth of experience as a participant & a coach. This combination of experience enables Steve tailor plans to suit the individuals time commitment & ability .
It’s reassuring to have a plan that is proven and a coach that can give guidance when things don’t go “quite to plan “ which is part of life !
Thanks for your commitment and professionalism Steve.
Shay Phelan -I have 5yrs of Triathlon fun under my belt !

Shay phelan 70.3 Training Plan
December 23, 2021

I’ve trained and raced alongside Coach Steve for the past two years and he always brings a lighthearted sense of humour to sessions while at the same time being clearly dedicated to improving his own and others performance. His dedication to the sport of triathlon is second to none and since signing up to SMart Endurance Steve has been both helpful and professional and has provided me with a 70.3 training plan that suits my needs and experience. Looking forward to the next 30 weeks training.

John Breheny 70.3 Training Plan
December 23, 2021

Coach Steve put together a comprehensive training plan for 70.3 Mallorca. Steve took the time to make sure the plan takes into account Christmas break, my other commitments (college) and B races along the way. I’m really happy with it and started training this week with only 20 weeks to go to the race. Bring it on!!!

Joanne Kennedy 70.3 Training Plan
December 21, 2021

Steve is a legend!! Received my personalised training plan for my 1st 70.3 and it looks class, he’s blended existing sessions with other coaches. Each session gives pointers and tips for best performance. Feeling very motivated as I start out on my triathlon journey!!

Highly recommend Smart Endurance Solutions!!

Leanne Macken 70.3 Training Plan
December 20, 2021

The plan Steven created for me provided the structure and motivation that was missing when I trained on my own. This made all the difference to my training weeks and was instrumental in helping me reach my race day goal!

Eoin King 70.3 Training Plan
December 20, 2021

Steven has provided me with a wonderful 70.3 plan, and has incorporated my request to also include preparation for a marathon earlier on next year. I look forward to working with Steven over the coming months, and am really impressed with his guidance so far. Thanks Steven!

Paul Jennings 70.3 Training Plan
December 6, 2021

Thank you sooo much for the 70.3 plan!!! It was perfect. I questioned the taper weeks so so little to do but day before race my garmin actually said peaking. I was recovered and fresh. I PR’d my 70.3 on same course I did last year first week of December. Attached is photos from garmin for PR proof:). Thanks again. Love your plans.

Lynsey Coursen 70.3 Training Plan
November 28, 2021

After a few false starts with race postponements and cancellations due to Covid I really felt the benefit of sticking to Coach Steve’s 70.3 plan as I felt strong and well prepared going into the race. It is a very easy to navigate, varied plan so I didn’t get bored. I could see the progress as I was moving through the base and build phases which also helped with injury prevention. I would highly recommend this and other plans as Steve was available to answer any queries.

Sarah Sreenan 70.3 Training Plan
November 10, 2021

Awesome, thanks!
Wow Coach Steve— I really admire how you go above and beyond to help us out.

Shirlee Finch 70.3 Training Plan