January 27, 2019

I purchased your 70.3 plan for beginners on training peaks and I have really been enjoying it! The workouts and structure seem awesome!

Charles Hodder 70.3 Training Plan
January 20, 2019

Just started on a 70.3 training plan after 5 yrs of sprint and Olympic distances. So far loving the plan but more than that within 48hrs of buying the plan already had a conversation with Steve to modify my plan to accommodate my cycling commute – so responsive and so reassuring to know I’m not over / under doing the training but can still cycle to work – Thanks, Steve!

Ben Smith 70.3 Training Plan
December 17, 2018

Coach Steve’s training package helped me to perform better than I ever thought possible in the 2017 West Australian 70.3 ironman. I went from being a middle of the pack finisher to finishing in the top 20% in my age group by following his intermediate 12 week plan on Training Peaks. I actually enjoyed the whole training period and went into the event feeling confident and strong. The plan was easy to follow with full detailed sets and is incredible value for money. The swim sets are particularly great with enough variety to keep it interesting. I’ve come back for another training program this year and Steve has been awesome answering my emails, almost in real time conversation. Highly recommended!

Kylie Nettleton 70.3 Training Plan
December 10, 2018

I recently purchased Coach Steve’s Ironman training plan from Training Peak. Steve was very quick to respond and extremely helpful in getting up and running. So far, It has been a great experience working with Steve and following his plan.

Gayle Rosewell 70.3 Training Plan
November 14, 2018

Gearing up for my first 70.3 in Feb and am enjoying Steve’s program. Very easy to understand and follow and he’s happy to chip in and give in some guidance along the way too! Money well spent.

Neil Tuohy 70.3 Training Plan
November 6, 2018

I purchased a triathlon 70.3 training plan off Smart Endurance Solutions. It has been a well laid out plan that challenges me yet isn’t so challenging as to deter me from training. It also provided a good balance of swim, cycle and run training

Craig Wilson 70.3 Training Plan
August 23, 2018

Hi Steven! I have done yours 36week beginner ironman plan and reached some good results that I am happy about. 2 months ago i finished 70.3 in 5h8min and two days ago my first Ironman Copenhagen in 11h19min. It has been hard at the beginning to stick to the plan, but then i worked very well and I had better understanding what and why I am doing that

Artur Kazaritski 70.3 Training Plan