October 25, 2023

It was my first 70.3 with a few Sprints and 1 Olympic already done. Found the plan easy to follow and any questions I had were promptly answered. Highly recommend

Brian O’Riordan 70.3 Training Plan
October 23, 2023

Finished my first 70.3 this weekend – a great swim, fast bike and good enough run put me just sub-6! thanks to the training plan for getting me there. @ niagara falls barrelman

Tori Hisko 70.3 Training Plan
October 22, 2023

First time using a training plan and it made such a positive difference to have structure in place with Training Peaks. Any questions I had on any aspect of it were always answered quickly by coach Steve and he explained things in simple easy to follow language with great hints and tips along the way. First class service and I will be back!

David Gillespie 70.3 Training Plan
October 16, 2023

I just completed your 18 weeks 70.3 Training plan and got a 45 min PR from my first half Ironman :). I did better in every single distance.
Thanks for your help!

Shannon Lee 70.3 Training Plan
October 12, 2023

Joined the IM 70.3 programme in May 23 for my first ever IM Goa 70.3. The programme helped me so much and enhanced my stamina and strength for all three disciplines nospecially Bike part. Finished the event with full of energy and smile on face. Now I’ll go for training for full distance and join the 140.6 plan. Thank you Coach Steve for ultimate programme.

Ravi Kumar Arora 70.3 Training Plan
October 4, 2023

Your plan really assisted me in my training. I especially enjoyed the fact that the workouts loaded to my Garmin watch and then told me what Zone to be in. The drag-and-drop calendar was great helping to move sessions around.

My fitness improved dramatically, and I lost 26lbs in weight which was an achievement in itself!

I feel a bit cheated (with cancelled swim) as I cant really say I have done a 70.3 but enjoyed the training and would definitely recommend

R. Judge 70.3 Training Plan
September 23, 2023

Honestly I couldn’t recommend these plans enough this is my second plan and I’ve loved it again. Plus my emails are always answered within 10 minutes of sending !

James Fussey 70.3 Training Plan
September 9, 2023

With all kind wishes and support of crossed another milestone on 8th Oct 23. Completed my first Ironman Goa 70.3 in 7:14:23 hrs. The weather was so brutal that out of 787 starters, only 517 crossed the finish line i.e. 34% DNF. Thanks a lot, Steven sir, on the hardest climb on the bike and 36’c run your words were in my mind – Believe your Training. Next target Ironman Kazak.

Ravi Arora 70.3 Training Plan
September 8, 2023

Was delighted with the training plan so wanted to drop you a reply when your email came out! I took up triathlon after 8 years out of it so this really was couch to 70.3!!

My A race for the year the 70.3 in Youghal and for the most part was very happy with how it went. Completed it in 5 hours 25 mins which was inside my target time of 5:30 !!!

Thanks again for all the support through your plan over the last 30 weeks or so!

Cian Brassil 70.3 Training Plan
August 24, 2023

I went from zero triathlon experience to completing a sub 6 hour 70.3 Iron man following the BEGINNER 70.3 30 week plan. I found the base weeks great and then could see my performance really start improving in the build weeks. Easy to follow and adequate rest

David Coleman 70.3 Training Plan
August 23, 2023

Steve’s plan was really great. I felt very well-prepared and ready my first 70.3. I remember my first Olympic – done with some self-training/a tri club, no real “plan” per se – being anxious about the race. After using this training plan, I knew I could complete the race before I stepped foot on the course – it almost felt easy! Looking forward to using Steve’s plans again for my first Ironman!

Tori 70.3 Training Plan
August 20, 2023

Just back from Youghal. What a day and what an experience for my first ever triathlon! Lots of emotions right now that are hard to describe. . Overall I finished in 5hrs 39mins and I’m delighted with that giving family life, job, yada yada, you know…

I just wanted to say your plans were invaluable and so beneficial to making me hit my goal (and smash it). Furthermore, the free content you provide on YouTube was priceless.

Thanks again, coach. Here’s to ‘Sub 5’ next

Mick Stewart 70.3 Training Plan