May 21, 2022

I jumped into triathlon after not having done hardly any exercise for over a decade. I did a sprint to see if this was something I liked and I did. I signed up for a IM70.3 and immediately bought Steve's 70.3 plan. I quickly saw progress with his extremely well structured plan and finished feeling great. Had it not been for Steve's plan I would have struggled to train and definitely would not have been able to finish like I did. I'm buying his IM plan and continuing on to the next level. Thanks!

Nik Berry 70.3 Training Plan
May 16, 2022

Happy return to racing yesterday at the Nottingham Outlaw Half!

5 weeks ago I was seriously doubting my ability to finish, and started looking ahead to my A race – Weymouth 70.3 in September. With a little help from Smart Endurance Solutions in adapting a newly purchased plan (for Weymouth) in order to get me to the start line yesterday I managed to surpass my expectations of the day and finished the half marathon super strong! Thanks Coach Steve 👍

Bex Hughes 70.3 Training Plan
May 9, 2022

Coach Steve's plan is very easy to follow and is just the right balance for someone looking to get back into training after a long hiatus! He is very quick to respond and is very helpful. 5 + STARS!!!

Marjie 70.3 Training Plan
May 9, 2022

I just finished my Half Ironman—Gulf Coast 70.3 and I felt amazing! Thanks for all your help along the way. I got carried away and crushed the bike so my run suffered but I in the end I'm so pleased that I finished HAPPY AND HEALTHY!

Shirlee Finch 70.3 Training Plan
May 7, 2022

After 2 years of Covid cancellations , I finally made it to the start line of the 2022 Port Macquarie 70.3 Ironman. It was hard to stay motivated through Covid lockdowns and weeks of rain, but Steve's program kept me focused and gave me a realistic training load and intensity. I realised I'd been overtraining, and Steve's program taught me the value of low heart rate sessions. I was impressed with Steve's quick response to emails and his reassuring and helpful advice. Thanks Steve!

Helen Kennedy 70.3 Training Plan
April 14, 2022

I have purchased and been working through your Ironman 70.3 beginner training programme. It has been brilliant so far, I have been really enjoying it.

Thomas Gillman 70.3 Training Plan
April 8, 2022

I've found SMART ENDURANCE SOLUTIONS 70.3 plans to work really well for me. I've seen my results improve while following his plans. It takes the "thinking / overthinking" out of the training process and I just have to do the sessions and trust in the process. Steve replies quickly to my queries and always has helpful advice when needed. He was able to design a custom plan which was tailored to my strengths and accounted for my club swim sessions, Zwift sessions and solo runs. Thanks!

Darragh 70.3 Training Plan
March 30, 2022

I've been doing Olympic and Sprint tri's for a few years and decided to make the step up to 70.3 this year. Coach Steve's training plan is clear, easy to follow and most important, accessible. I was overwhelmed with the idea of building my own plan and found some plans on the interwebs to be very confusing. I love that Coach Steve's plan workouts that repeat week after week while slowly increasing in volume and pace; it makes it very accessible and feels manageable. I'm more fit than ever!

Matt Conroy 70.3 Training Plan
March 23, 2022

thank you for the 70.3 plan I am loving it 😊

Madgalena M 70.3 Training Plan
March 3, 2022

Hi Coach Steve – just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed my B race last Sunday and actually came 2nd in AG!

Helen Kennedy 70.3 Training Plan
February 7, 2022

What a fantastic experience!!!!

I’m a normal athlete , 42 yr old , married man and two small kids … basically new into triathlon. But It was my dream to complete an IM70.3 , after reading many reviews, decided to purchase a plan with Coach Steven Moody , and what a fantastic experience it has been, the flexible plan and the continuous support made my dream come true … The plan was balanced and accommodating to my schedule with work/family… and I was able to complete my first 70.3 Ironman

Rodrigo Barragan 70.3 Training Plan
February 7, 2022

Great training plan for me, brought me to the top of my fitness in June 2021 after only 3 months of efficient training following my base training.

Pasca Alexandra 70.3 Training Plan