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Reviews - 70.3 Training Plan

July 8, 2021

Followed the 70.3 training programme from Coach Steve on training peaks prior to competing in Tri X, advertised as the world’s toughest half iron. This was my first triathlon and I couldn’t of done it without the excellent training advice. Going into the race the fittest I have been in a very long time, taking 6th in my age group and 21st overall. Thanks Coach Steve, on to the next one!

Danny appleton 70.3 Training Plan
June 30, 2021

This plan works!
I competed in the IRONMAN 70.3 Lubbock over the weekend.  
With Coach Steves plan I was able to finish in 05:22. I had a flat tire and a stuck chain which took 15 minutes off my bike time. 
I was still able to shave off 50 minutes of my previous 70.3 time in Lubbock, and I know for sure that Coach Steves well structured plan played a big role in my PR. 
I even got my spot for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in St. George in September.
Thank you Coach Steve!

Frank Kaiser 70.3 Training Plan
June 29, 2021

I purchased the 12 week 70.3 Advanced training plan. It was easy to follow, Coach Steve was very responsive & helpful via email – overall excellent value for money!
Being able to reorder sessions in TrainingPeaks is very useful, so recommend the Premium plan (which you get free for 30 days).
Following this plan allowed me to take 25 mins off my 70.3 PB (despite missing run sessions due to injury) – that says it all! Thanks Coach Steve 🙂

Richard Bysouth 70.3 Training Plan
June 23, 2021

I haven't signed up yet but have been chatting through social media and I'm super excited to find my next 70.3 or Olympic distance Tri to train for, and hoping to sign up with Smart Endurance Solutions. Seems like an amazing value and at very reasonable price points! Happy training 🙂

Trudy 70.3 Training Plan
June 8, 2021

Another 70.3 race done and would not have been able to finish without the support and guidance of Coach Steve (CS).

I had an injury at the beginning of the year and wasn’t able to run for two months. CS help to tailor my plan to allow for the reduction in running which allowed me to focus on my bike and swim. Before the race I felt in the best running condition of the last 18 months.

Cairns of course made it difficult but I learnt so much.

CS will be there to help me to Ironman 2022.

Bryn Odermatt 70.3 Training Plan
June 1, 2021

This isn't just a stock plan. I've entered my first 70.3 and wanted some structure to my training, with the benefit of some questions if needed. This plan has been spot on, the workload, and the descriptions are easy to follow and build up gradually. Steve has been extremely helpful from day 1 in providing advice and tailoring the programme (i.e. Covid & no pools!). If you have entered any form of triathlon I cant recommended enough how valuable these plans are. Thanks Steve!

Peter Musumeci 70.3 Training Plan
May 31, 2021

Having struggled over the last couple of years with injuries, health issues and the big 6 0 fast approaching I was close to retiring from any type of training. Then I came across Steve via Social Media and after a few E Mail conversations his enthusiasm and encouragement relighted the tri passion in me. Currently 13 weeks into a 70.3 50+ plan which is easy to follow and understand and with Steve's quick responses to any E Mail queries is as good as having a 121 coach.

Jim Barrow 70.3 Training Plan
May 26, 2021

Steve's plan helped me successfully complete my first 70.3! The plan was manageable and I felt like I was able to move my workouts around as my scheduled allowed. I will be using the plan again to train for my next 70.3. Steve also provided helpful emails throughout the training plan.

Emily Bollmann 70.3 Training Plan
May 25, 2021

Grabbed a nice age group win in my first tri of the season yesterday – helped of course by your training plan! 🙂

Richard Bysouth 70.3 Training Plan
May 6, 2021

Just a big old thank you for the recent PB in my latest 70.3! Got over a little panic attack in the swim (partly thanks to the advice on the visualisation to help me get my mind in the game – mainly down to me MTFU ;-)) , smashed my bike and held it together for the run! I will be in touch re the next challenge – Ironman Barcelona in 2022!

Johnnie Cairns 70.3 Training Plan