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Reviews - 70.3 Base Training Plan

August 31, 2021

Thanks so much (for guidance on best plan to choose) and love the plan already

Jeanna Guihan 70.3 Base Training Plan
June 14, 2021

Feel stronger across all the disciplines after your Inter Base plan – thank you! Great to be entering a race season with some confidence even not being able to toe the line for a while!

Kyle Binginham 70.3 Base Training Plan
June 5, 2021

This was the perfect plan for me – kept me motivated and focused during the off season (polite way of not saying COVID!) – actually saw some decent gains in my FTP and run pace which was a nice bonus … and thanks to Steve for helping me pick the best plan for my actual race- roll on Sept!

Alexandra Spencer 70.3 Base Training Plan
March 31, 2021

Plans are detailed and easy to follow and Coach Steve´s support is exceptional. Could definitely see and feel improvement even halfway through the program.

Abraham Quezada 70.3 Base Training Plan
September 16, 2019

I’m really enjoying your plan, exactly what I needed. From my previous 70.3s, I feel that a lack of volume in training was my downfall. I was just making it up as I went along so this is a good change.”

Micheal McGeever 70.3 Base Training Plan
November 17, 2018

I recently bought a half ironman plan and had some questions in relation to testing etc. The feedback I got was so swift and any query I’ve had relation to the training set were answered so quickly. It’s my first time training on my runs with HR and I’m loving it. A more structured approach is really working for me and having a coach to answer any questions is superb. an investment I should have done years go

Sinead Bracken 70.3 Base Training Plan