January 16, 2015

I’ve been working with Coach Steven as my coach since late 2015. He’s has a great flexibility to his approach which really suits any Athlete’s personal circumstances. Since he has been my coach I have achieved a number of personal bests at various distances, also I’ve learn’t a lot about the sport outside of the day to day training, understanding what to eat prior to a race, also how to prepare myself physically & mentally on race day.

TrainingPeaks is ideal for our Coach / Athlete relationship having a young family & busy job it allows us to plan ahead but move sessions easily if required. The rich data the platform provides also allows us to agree small changes to ensure we maximize the benefits of every session. The e-mail alerts when Steve comments or changes a session really helps me plan my day according to what I need to achieve as an athlete, employee & Father

Stuart Russell 1-2-1 Coaching