As a fully signed-up member of the PB hit squad – you have the option of joining any of the zoom calls listed below.

About The Calls

The calls are deigned to be interactive and asking Qs, sharing thoughts (and fears) is highly encouraged – the more you put in, the more you get back!

The format of the 1-hour slots takes the form of a short presentation from Coach Steve on the main topic per the schedule below and then there will be 30 + mins of open Q&A

In terms of access – Coach Steve will email the Zoom link/sessions details for the Tuesday/Thursday slots at the start of each week.

Links to the previous weeks recordings will be shared to members as part of this email


To cover as many TimeZones as possible - the calls initially will be 21:00 GMT slot (Also makes them somewhat friendly for North America as typically early afternoon)

Please note this may be subject to change as I work out the best timetable for the majority but any tweaks will be clearly communicated in advance.

Topic Schedule

Topic ScheduleDate
How to adjust your training plan to handle vacation/holidays24th May
Coach on camp no session this Tuesday26th May
Race day nutrition31st May
How to make your training sessions more course-specific2nd June
How to interpret Training Peaks data (Do’s and Dont)7th June
Mental strategies for overcoming race day nerves9th June
How to build your race day strategy14th June
Run tips/hacks - how to open up hidden speed (whilst not injuring yourself!)16th June
Strength and conditioning - home tips 21st June
Time management strategies23rd June
Swim tips - how to become more powerful in the water28th June
Taper Dos and Donts30th June

Next list of topics to be advised end June