Hi folks and thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

For me it is the culmination of a strange journey that started with a friends challenge and now has become a labour of love.

The challenge was to complete a try-a-tri (DCT actually) in 2004 …. and then I was hooked.

Try-a-tri became sprints, sprints became olympics and before I knew it I was a four times FULL DISTANCE finisher.

All along this journey I loved the science of our sport and constantly immersed myself in it (and the tech!) and suddenly I was no longer the newbie – I was the guy in the club answering all the questions about races, HR zones, equipment, how to get faster etc

So I suppose it was only natural I ended up in coaching and found another way I found endurance sports made my life better.

I loved helping people learn about the sport, overcome challenges and achieve their goals …. it is one of the best feelings when an athlete hits a PB, completes their first race and the smile on their face as they tell you about.

So after five years of dipping my toe in the coaching water – I have finally decided to push my brand a bit and extend my reach – hence the site.

I hope that it means that I will get to see more satisfied athletes faces  this way