I get this question a lot and rightly so – as none of us are pro athletes that do not have to worry about pesky things like the day job, picking the kids up from school etc

Good news is that it is generally fine to move sessions around to match your work/life balance and training availability.

In fact, it is one of the benefits of being a Training Peaks permium subscriber as you can easily drag/drop the sessions in your calendar

Having said that please follow the key guidelines below to make sure you are not making some basic mistakes

For example, it is completely cool to swop in a club swim session for a speed or technical session in the plan (as long as that is the coaches focus for that set)

This applies to the bike and run sets too e.g. a vo2 run session with a club track session would be good.

But a couple of things to note –

(1) Make sure you are swopping like with like e.g. speed with speed, long slow with long slow etc

(2) There are some key sessions you should definitely complete on your own and at your numbers e.g. Endurance swims, any race pace run/bikes etc – do not fall into the trap of training with your mates all the time and either under/over training as a result (remember these are the people you need to beat on race day for the bragging rights 😉