What I Do.

Based on my 20 years experience in endurance sports – I offer a hands on, tailored coaching service that enables my athletes unlock their inner potential.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

I have been a triathlete/runner for over 20 years (FULL DISTANCE PB 9:40, HALF DISTANCE PB 4:48, and marathon PB of 2:48) and  I know from experience how satisfying it is to achieve your goals.

When I found myself feeling the same sense of satisfaction from helping my clubmates achieve their goals – it became clear that coaching was something I was destined for and I quit my corporate job to become a full-time coach.

I found that based on my unique mixture of experience, scientific/data-driven approach, and interpersonal skills – I was able to help athletes of all levels.

I am Training Peaks level 2, FULL DISTANCE University, and International Triathlon Unionlevel 2 certified.

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My Qualifications

  • Training peaks level 2 qualified coach
  • FULL DISTANCE University accredited coach
  • Level 2 International Triathlon Union qualified coach
  • Level 1 Swim Ireland qualified coach
  • 20 years + years coaching total in total

My Awards to date

Racing Achievements

6 time IM finisher – including 4 x sub 10 hour finishes [PB of 9:40]

Multiple HALF DISTANCE finisher – including 2 x qualification for HALF DISTANCE World champs (Las Vegas and Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

National Aqua AG champ gold medal winner

Multiple marathon finisher with avg sub 3:00 hour time [PB of 2:48]