My Three Step Process

For athletes seriously interested in potentially employing my coaching services – I follow a three step process.

Step One

Athletes will fill out a short questionnaire in advance of any conversation/meeting – the purpose of which to get a rough assessment of their current ability/training regime/race experience to date and their goals for the upcoming season.

Step Two

I will have either a skype or face2face meeting [location dependent – am based in Dublin] with the athlete to talk through the SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opps, Threats) in relation to their target A and B goals – using the questionnaire to guide us.

This frank discussion will provide the following at a minimum

  • framework race schedule in terms of A and B goal,
  • skeleton proposed weekly training structure week that will be mapped to the athletes individual availability/constraints,
  • alignment of athletes/coaches expectations on how we will work together over the period of the program.

Step Three

If all in agreement,  we as a team will agree the kick off date, initial swim/cycle/run analysis sessions as required and start to push you towards achieving your goals