This page shows the technical steps to take the LTHR (Lactate Threshold Heart Rate) and FTP (Functional Threshold Power) from the prescribed run and bike tests and upload them into Training peaks.

This is key as once this information is updated/saved – Training Peaks will update all the relevant ranges/target numbers associated in the structured workouts

If you see the session description not agreeing with zone details in the workout builder – it is most likely due to the fact you have not set up the correct bike/run zones and training peaks is looking at an incorrect default zone and causing the mismatch.

So firstly follow the test instructions and capture the key metric e.g. LTHR and/or FTP (depends on which plan you are on)

Plus please remember you need to update your RUN and BIKE HR zones separately!!!

Access your settings by clicking on the cog in the top right hand corner beside your name

Click on Zones – select the discipline you want to update your zones for

Eg in sample screenshot below it is for my bike HR zones

It is important that you enter in the all of the following info

a) LTHR (run or bike)

b) FTP (bike)

c) Max HR achieved in that test session

d) Avg resting HR if you know it

Then depending on the test – select the following from the drop down menu

For your run HR zones – select a) Lactate threshold and b) Joe Friel for running (7)

For your Bike zones


Once information is entered – remember to click all of the following buttons in order

(i) Calculate

(ii) Apply

(iii) Save and Close

Training Peaks will automatically apply all the changes to your future workouts