B races are fun and a good test of where the training/weaknesses are at

As a coach – I fully encourage athletes to plan for some B races to allow them

  1. Practice key race skills e.g. open water pack swimming, transitions, pacing etc in a realistic environment
  2. Make and learn from mistakes without risking the A goal
  3. Have fun!

So for me depending on the race distance – I would recommend the following amendments to your plan to allow for adequate taper/recovery

2-3 days taper [light sessions only with one short equipment test brick],

2 days post race recovery

4-5 days taper [Short/sharp sessions only with one moderate equipment test brick -10km bike/3km brick run],

3-4 post race recovery including 1 x recovery swim and either recovery 6km/40km recovery bike

7 days taper [Easy moderate sessions only with one light equipment test brick -20km bike/5km brick run],

7-8 post race recovery including 3 x recovery swim and 2 x recovery 8km + 2x 40km recovery bike