As long as you already have a Garmin Connect account – you can very easily set yourself up to have your training data pushed from Garmin straight to Training peaks

Step one make sure you have the Garmin Connect app installed on your smart phone and connect your device to this via Bluetooth

This means once you have clicked save on your Garmin device – it will complete the first necessary step of uploading from your device to your Garmin Connect account.

Now we want to ensure that you can get the data from Garmin Connect into training peaks (so you can dig into the data a little more, get the satisfaction of seeing that session go green 😉 etc)

Step two is to log into your training peaks account (you will have had to set one up when buying the plan if you did not have one already)

Simultaneously log into your Garmin connect account

Enter in the following web address in a new window

Click on the CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNTS NOW button – and select the check box if you want historical data to come across

Note: It is worth bringing across historical data as it will help with your Fitness/Fatigue/Form calcs

Next step is for you to authorise Training peaks to access your Garmin Connect account – you do this by re-entering your Garmin Connect log in details in the page that is displayed now

Final step is to click the AUTHORISE button and you are all set