Custom plans for 70.3 and IRONMAN

Need more than a standard plan? Trying to train around a complicated busy life? Want something bespoke? SMartendurancesolutions can hook you up!

How does it work ? Based on an initial email consultation – we will agree on key elements I need to customise your plan in training peaks

  • A race type and date
  • B race schedule including taper and recovery weeks
  • Level of difficulty of plan – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Avg number of hours to train
  • Weekly structure that works for you e.g. can only swim on Tues/Thurs, prefer to rest on Monday etc
  • Where possible incorporation of other set sessions e.g. Club track sessions on Fri or Club swim sessions on Mon and Weds

What is included ? 

  • Free strength and conditioning guide for triathletes
  • Free “How To Use Your Training Plan” and “Swim drills” guides
  • Plans designed/built in Training peaks with session details in pace/HR or power (per your choice)
  • Bike/run sessions fully uploadable to compatible GPS devices and associated applications such as Garmin Connect, Trainer Road, Zwift (power plans only) & Rouvy (power plans only) etc
  • Includes unlimited email support to Coach Steve for the duration of the plan

How much does it cost?

  • For customised plans (either 70.3 or IM) up to 24 weeks in duration – cost is $125
  • For customised plans (either 70.3 or IM) between 25 and 36 weeks in duration – cost is $175
  • For customised plans (either 70.3 or IM) between 37 and 44 weeks in duration – cost is $225

Sounds great – how do we kick this off?